Strategic Technology Partners

Armis integrates easily with the security tools you already have, allowing you to leverage existing investments to achieve greater value and more automated response. Our strategic enterprise technology partnerships deliver integrated solutions that help automate security notifications and accelerate incident response.

Automated Threat Detection and Response for Cisco ISE

Armis is a member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program. Through pxGrid, Armis integrates with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to automate network enforcement of security policies.

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Integrated Device Protection from Palo Alto Networks and Armis

A part of Palo Alto Networks NextWave Technology Partner program, Armis enables agentless device discovery, analysis, and security for Palo Alto Networks customers. Through integration with Cortex, Armis identifies and analyzes unmanaged and IoT devices, and can stop suspicious devices at the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall.

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Security for Cisco Meraki: Fast, Simple, and Agentless

Armis uses your existing Cisco Merakiā„¢ infrastructure to create a detailed inventory of every device on your network, to analyze device behavior continuously for risks and threats, and to block suspicious or malicious devices automatically. In just minutes, and with no additional hardware, our cloud-to-cloud integration gives you visibility into the devices and software on your network, connections between devices, and services being used.

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