Palo Alto Networks

Agentless Device Security for Palo Alto Networks

A new type of enterprise risk.

Businesses across all industries are experiencing an explosion of unmanaged and IoT devices. Without visibility into these devices, they can’t mitigate risks or stop potential attacks. The Armis™ agentless device security platform gives Palo Alto Networks® customers unparalleled visibility and control.

Network Infrastructure

Agentless device discovery and analysis.

Fast and easy cloud integration with Cortex™ allows the Armis platform to discover and profile every device, and to analyze device activity for suspicious or malicious behavior. Using the enterprise data in Cortex Data Lake, the platform creates a comprehensive device inventory including the device type, manufacturer, operating systems and versions, reputation, connections and more. It also calculates a unique risk score for each device based on factors like known hardware and software vulnerabilities.

Advanced device security.

When the Armis platform detects abnormal device behavior, it notifies the Palo Alto Networks Firewall to block the device automatically, providing peace of mind that attacks are stopped, even if the security team is busy with other priorities.

Network Infrastructure

Key Takeaways

With Palo Alto Networks and Armis working together, organizations can:

  • Discover, classify, and inventory every device in their environment
  • Use risk scoring to gain better insight about their attack surface
  • Monitor device behavior in real time to detect threats and attacks
  • Enforce next-generation Palo Alto firewall policies dynamically based on device behavior and risk
  • Block risky devices automatically to prevent data leaks and to stop attacks
  • Integrate data from the Armis platform with other security products

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