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Improve the Guest Experience and Secure Your Environment with Armis

From POS systems to wifi networks that span hundreds of guest rooms and myriad connected devices, the hospitality industry is full of dynamic assets that contribute to a growing attack surface. Armis Centrix™ helps the travel and hospitality industry see, secure and manage every device on their network, thereby giving peace of minds to operators and their guests.

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Overcoming the Cybersecurity Asset Management Challenge

Travel and Hospitality Challenges

The cybersecurity challenges facing the hospitality industry are unique. Armis Centrix™ helps solve those challenges and improve overall security.

Full-Environment Visibility

Hundreds of new devices connect to hospitality networks daily. Tracking and monitoring those devices helps ensure their safety and the safety of the environment.

New and Legacy Assets

Ensure the security of both legacy assets in addition to emerging technologies, such as IoT devices and smart systems, that are increasingly being used in the travel and hospitality sector.

Data Capture

The nature of the industry requires protecting sensitive traveler information, such as personal details and payment data while also safeguarding reservation systems, databases, and other digital assets from cyber threats like hacking and data breaches.

Armis Centrix™ Platform Diagram

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Armis Centrix™ for Asset Management and Security

Armis Centrix™ seamlessly connects with existing data sources to see, secure, protect, and manage all physical and virtual assets – from the ground to the cloud – ensuring the entire attack surface is both defended and managed in real time. Perfect for the varied assets in the hospitality environment, Armis Centrix™ for Asset Management and Security enables your security team to see all of your assets and secure them.

Armis Centrix™ for Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation

Go beyond vulnerability scanning to address the full cyber risk management lifecycle. Consolidate, prioritize, and remediate all vulnerabilities based on potential risk to the business. Ensure that your organization and guests are always protected from the most pressing vulnerabilities and track the remediation lifecycle.

Kalahari Resorts Rely on Armis for Visibility Across their Whole Environment

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Armis is a “Game Changer” for Time-Strapped Kalahari Resorts’ Security Team

Kalahari resorts used Armis to provide a single source of truth for organizational assets, secure customer data, and gain greater guest device visibility. Together with Armis, Kalahari Resorts saved their security team time and resources, allowing them to focus on more important security concerns.

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