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The average enterprise has more than 50 cybersecurity-related tools. The Armis platform cuts through the noise by correlating data from across your IT, network, and security infrastructure, giving you improved visibility and actionable insights.

Why is an agentless approach to device security better? Find out!

Network Infrastructure

Devices similar to DNA

Like a living organism carries DNA, your network carries rich metadata about devices in — and around — your environment. Using passive network monitoring, the Armis platform uses that metadata to identify devices, their risks, and their behavior. It also uses analysis of this data to trigger policy-based actions at your network enforcement points to block, quarantine, or disconnect risky or malicious devices automatically.


Network security display

Breaking command and control is the first move when you detect malicious or suspicious activity. When the Armis platform finds a device behaving abnormally, it can tell your network firewall to prevent it from communicating with the Internet, effectively shutting down a threat before it can become a full-blown attack.

Network Access Control

Network of devices detecting a suspicious device

If a bad actor knocks on your door you wouldn’t let them in. But a bad actor in a good disguise could fool you. When the Armis platform identifies a suspicious device, it can trigger your NAC to adjust access policies to quarantine an incoming device or to block it entirely from getting on your network.

Security Incident & Event Management

Events manager on laptop screen, animated

Your SIEM is only as good as the information it’s provided. The Armis platform can tell your SIEM about all the events associated with devices in your environment, including unmanaged, IoT, OT/ICS, and medical devices that can’t accommodate agents or produce event logs. That enables your SIEM to make better decisions, produce more complete reports, and help you reduce incident response times.


Cloud of information above device

IT asset management and configuration management databases are your trusted, single source of truth, but the trust breaks down when data goes stale or is incomplete. The Armis platform provides your ITAM and CMDB with real-time information about all of the devices, including the unmanaged devices these tools miss.

Vulnerability Assessment

Many device types shown networked in the cloud

Today’s threat landscape changes rapidly, so it’s critical to know where your systems might be vulnerable and how to protect them. The Armis platform identifies device vulnerabilities before bad actors can exploit them. It identifies risks to devices and changes in their behavior to stop threats before then can turn into breaches.

Ticketing & Incident Response

Security alerts shown on laptop display, animated

Your IT and security workflows help ensure your teams can detect, assess, and remedy problems efficiently. When the Armis platform detects a significant policy violation or threat on your network, it can generate tickets and send alerts automatically to you incident response systems.