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Armis Centrix™ for OT/ IoT Security

Bridge the IT/OT Gap

The decline in air gapped systems means OT environments must prioritize the management of IT/OT convergence.

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Armis Protects Both IT and OT Environments Against Lateral Movement Attacks

IT/OT Convergence Challenges

The convergence of IT and OT environments has rendered traditional security measures ineffective in the protection of complex, expanding attack surfaces.

Traditional Security Measures Don’t Support Unmanaged Devices

Unmanaged OT devices can communicate with other devices, existing systems, or networks to process and transmit information.

But they don’t accommodate traditional security tools, such as agents that monitor and protect devices and systems from threats.

Examples include robotic arms, inventory systems, printers, smart TVs, Bluetooth keyboards, security cameras, vending machines, smartwatches etc.

Convergence of Technologies Coupled With a Convergence of Responsibilities

CISOs are increasingly being tasked with maintaining cyber resiliency across the once separate OT, IT and facilities teams.

CISO teams have historically had a limited understanding of these environments and require rapid contextual awareness to safeguard critical business capabilities against evolving threats targeting these environments at scale.

Prioritizing Mitigation Vs Remediation

Managing the risks associated with the interconnectivity of OT and IT environments requires a continuous and integrated view.

Unlike the IT environment, mitigation is typically the more appropriate option when compared to remediation in an OT environment.

Prioritizing mitigations alongside their OT partners can be particularly challenging due to the limited operational understanding the CISO teams have of the OT environments.

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Dynamic Network Segmentation

Manage your IT/OT Convergence with manageable segmented defined by boundaries.

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Intelligent Network Segmentation

Using network segmentation visualizations to manage your IT/OT attack surface dramatically improves your cyber and operational resilience. With Armis Centrix™, you can display connections based on segments, asset types and defined boundaries.

With network segmentation you can identify device types that are not conforming to defined segmentation policies and risk assessment controls to generate ACLs to enable the correct segmentation of the device using existing NAC tools. Automatically push contextual information regarding your OT and IT environments to integrated segmentation technologies to streamline the management of such traditionally complex solutions.

Map to Compliance Frameworks

Manage your IT/OT convergence challenges with common OT regulations.

Stay Compliant While Bridging The IT/OT Air Gap

Organizations in regulated OT Environments must ensure that bridging the gap complies with relevant regulations and standards for both IT and OT. Organizations considering bridging the IT/OT air gap should carefully assess the benefits and risks and implement robust security measures to protect both their IT and OT environments. Proper planning, cybersecurity strategies, and collaboration between IT and OT teams are crucial to successfully reap the benefits of this integration while mitigating potential drawbacks.

With Armis Centrix™, customizable dashlets map to evidence requirements outlined in security frameworks, customizable reports enable cross team collaboration and board-level reporting. Role-based access enables teams to focus only on the devices in their scope of responsibility and perhaps most importantly common OT frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK for ICS framework, ISA/IEC 62443 and NIS2 can be adhered to.

Asset Intelligence Engine tracking over three billion devices⁠ — and growing

Armis Provides International Manufacturing Organization With the Ability to See and Identify All OT Devices With Deep Contextual Knowledge

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Armis deployed at 97 plants to improve operational resilience

Our connected factories, assembly lines and distribution centers are key enablers in accelerating our growth and it is essential that they run reliably. Our manufacturing systems operate around the clock so we can provide high-quality products for customers all over the world. By using Armis, we have further enhanced our visibility and control to ensure production is not disrupted.

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