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Attack Surface Management

Armis Centrix™, the Armis cyber exposure management platform, provides organizations with the ability to build a comprehensive cybersecurity program by managing the organization’s cyber risk exposure in real time.

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Implementing an Effective Gartner® CTEM Program with Armis Centrix™

Build a Continuous Risk Reduction Program

Armis integrates with your existing workflows and makes it easy to report on progress.

Integrate With Existing Tools to Establish End-to-end Workflows and Enforce Security Policies

Workflow integration with security and orchestration solutions deliver automated responses to detected risks. The response can be as simple as opening a ticket in a JIRA and alerting the responsible team, quarantining the vulnerable device through your network enforcement tools until it is remediated and verified, or and even full automated remediation or patching of the vulnerable asset.

Continuously Assess Compliance Against Internal and External Policies

Armis Centrix™ helps you adhere to your internal compliance requirements and prepare for external audits.

Whether it’s NIST, CIS Controls, GDPR, NIS2, or other regulations, you can use Armis to ensure your security standards are met, avoid human errors in data collections, and pass your audits with flying colors.

Report on Risk Reduction Over Time

No more guessing games. Validate the implementation of your existing security controls (EDR, vulnerability scanners, etc.) and identify gaps in deployment.

Armis Centrix™ finds all assets that are not protected and helps remediate the issues quickly. Stay informed in real-time, track progress effortlessly, and enhance your security posture.

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We‘ve Got You Covered

Armis support a wide range of integrations to deliver end-to-end attack surface management.


IT asset management and configuration management databases are your trusted, single source of truth, but the trust breaks down when data goes stale or is incomplete. Armis Centrix™ provides your ITAM and CMDB with real-time information about all of the devices, including the unmanaged devices these tools miss.

Network Infrastructure

Armis Centrix™ can trigger policy-based actions at your network enforcement points to block, quarantine, or disconnect risky or malicious devices automatically.  By integrating with your NAC tools, Armis Centrix™ provides a comprehensive asset inventory and real-time knowledge of threats and risks, allowing your NAC system to quickly quarantine malicious devices from the network.

Ticketing and Incident Response

Your IT and security workflows help ensure your teams can detect, assess, and remedy problems efficiently. When Armis Centrix™ detects a significant policy violation or threat on your network, it can generate tickets and send alerts automatically to you incident response systems.

Fast-Growing Georgia County Finds a Better Way to Discover Devices and Secure the Network

Armis Becomes an Indispensable Tool for Boosting the County’s Security Posture

The Henry County IT department in the Atlanta area was working overtime to stay on top of security updates and patches for the many assets on their network. Armis provided the IT team with an easy way to manage software updates, greatly reducing the burden on their team. Armis’s centralized dashboard has expanded visibility and has provided detailed insights into devices for the team—something that was not possible before.

Atlanta Georgia

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