Armis Wins 2024 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Global Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Armis Centrix™ for Asset Management and Security

Full Asset Inventory and CMDB Enrichment

Armis Centrix™ is the solution to the challenges faced by organizations using CMDB tools. Armis Centrix™ , the cyber exposure management platform, helps improve an organization’s security posture by providing complete asset visibility across all asset types, enriching the existing CMDB tool with complete contextual information, and ensuring that the data provided is accurate and up-to-date.

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From Chaos to Control: Simplifying Cybersecurity Asset Management

Common CMDB Challenges

Blind Spots

Data in current CMDB tools is heavily IT-oriented and mostly consists of data and configuration information about known physical assets such as desktops, laptops, servers, etc. Configuration information about unknown assets such as OT, IoT, IoMT, virtual and cloud assets limit its effectiveness as a comprehensive tool.

Lack of Context

Having a list of your enterprise devices is not enough. You also need contextual information. For example:

  • Where are your devices and when were they last seen?
  • Are they vulnerable? Are they still supported by their manufacturers? Is there a patch available?
  • How often are they being used? By whom? For what purpose?
Inaccurate Reporting

If your asset inventory is not updated in real time, you might be dealing with outdated, unreliable information.

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Complete Asset Visibility

Armis Centrix™ provides complete asset visibility across all asset types, including IT, IoT, OT, IoMT, cloud, and cellular-IoT, whether managed or unmanaged.

Aggregated, Deduplicated And Normalized

By providing complete asset visibility across all asset types, Armis Centrix™ gives IT and security teams complete control over their assets. It allows them to pull asset-related data from relevant IT and security tools to obtain rich, contextual intelligence about each asset in the inventory. The data is not only aggregated, but also deduplicated and normalized. Armis Centrix™ then pushes this data to the CMDB to create an updated, accurate, and comprehensive view of all assets, complete with enriched data such as user, classification, location, etc.

Rich Contextual Intelligence

Armis Centrix™ pulls asset-related data from your existing tools and our AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine to provide contextual intelligence about each asset in the inventory.

Reduce Investigation Time

Armis Centrix™ goes beyond basic inventory management. The Armis Asset Intelligence Engine adds contextual intelligence to every asset, allowing your IT and Security teams to prioritize remediation efforts based on risk and criticality.

Our platform continuously monitors every asset 24/7 to detect anomalies and status changes. We alert your team and reduce SOC investigation time and can maintain data logs for compliance and incident forensics.

With Armis Centrix™, you’ll have the insights to make informed decisions and take action where it matters most.

Asset Intelligence Engine tracking over three billion devices⁠ — and growing

Armis + ServiceNow

ServiceNow® CMDB is a single system of record for your infrastructure and service data that helps you better manage your assets. Together, Armis and ServiceNow provide a superior, unified cybersecurity asset management solution for all critical assets.

Armis Helps Ensure Ongoing Delivery of Critical Therapeutics to Patients

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Multinational Bio-Pharmaceutical Company Minimizes Supply Continuity Risks at Manufacturing Plants

Takeda Pharmaceuticals focuses on research and production of potentially life-changing treatments for specific medical conditions. By providing comprehensive visibility into laboratory and production equipment in its manufacturing plants, Armis has vastly improved the company’s cyber resiliency and increased confidence in its ability to maintain supply continuity.

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