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Embrace Digital Technologies While Protecting Customer Data

Armis is the foundation of cybersecurity for Telecommunications and Media companies across the world and is the must-have security architecture to see, protect and manage all asset types. Armis Centrix™ enables our customers to manage their entire attack surface as well as consolidate, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities, detect and stop attacks and ensure the most critical assets are protected.

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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Asset Management and Security

Media and Communications Cybersecurity

Telecommunications and Media companies have fully adopted digital technologies to deliver personalized experiences that consumers love. Unfortunately, the massive amount of personal data they collect and store is also very attractive to cybercriminals.

Personal Data Traded on the Dark Web

Malicious actors sell, trade, and share stolen information and personal details leaked through data breaches. This includes credit card data, medical data, SSN, username and password combinations, home addresses, and many more.

From Closed Networks to an Explosion of Assets

The industry is seeing billions of new connected assets while vulnerabilities and cyber attacks are at an all time high. It is clear that we have not yet reached the peak of the attack surface expansion and Telecommunications and Media organizations must future-proof their networks.

Data Protection Regulations

Collected customer data must be stored in accordance with the provisions of regulations like GDPR. Organizations must use security measures to protect personal data against unauthorized processing and accidental loss, disclosure, access, destruction, or alteration.

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A universe of assets to be discovered

Meet Armis Centrix™, the Cyber Exposure Management Platform

Armis Centrix™ is an AI-driven cyber exposure management platform. It is a seamless, frictionless, cloud-based platform that proactively mitigates all cyber asset risks, remediates vulnerabilities, blocks threats and protects our customers’ entire attack surface. Armis Centrix™ gives Telecommunications and Media organizations peace of mind, knowing that all critical assets are protected 24/7.

Streamline Internal and External Compliance Reporting

Without a single source of truth it’s virtually impossible to produce accurate reports for internal use or auditing purposes. Armis Centrix™ for Asset Management and Security gives Telecommunications and Media companies in-depth information about each device – from the ground to the cloud. This visibility drastically reduces the time needed to produce compliance and audit reports.

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Innovation While Protecting the Extended Attack Surface

Implementation of technologies like IoT-based initiatives are a must for media and telecom businesses striving to embrace the digital age and get a strong competitive advantage. Armis Centrix™ overcomes the issues of siloed solutions, delivers visibility in cloud-native and on-prem environments, across all platforms, and for all assets and devices. Telecommunications and Media companies can see the whole attack surface and take action to protect and manage that environment.

Financial Services Organization Gets A Reality Check On Its Assets

True, Comprehensive Asset Management from a Trusted Vendor Dedicated to Resolving Customer Issues

This rapidly growing global financial services organization is headquartered in the U.S and has approximately 15 offices worldwide. Many of the approximately 500 remote employees frequently travel all over the world for meetings with partners and other stakeholders. The organization also uses numerous cloud services and applications. In a highly regulated industry like financial services, maintaining strict security controls to protect privacy and valuable data are always top of mind.

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