Armis Wins 2024 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Global Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Armis Centrix™ for VIPR Pro – Prioritization and Remediation

Enrich With Threat Intelligence and Business Context

Get the information, context and insights you need to flawlessly achieve your organizational mission while also proactively securing against risk, threats and vulnerabilities which can impact your bottom line.

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Armis is a Leader in the 2023 SPARK Matrix™: Vulnerability Management, Q4 2023 report by Quadrant Knowledge Systems

You Can’t Manage Risk if You Lack Context

Organizations lack full asset inventory and security findings context when conducting remediation lifecycle management.

Manual Search and Export from Multiple Sources

DIY approaches, like manually downloading, deduplicating, correlating and normalizing data from various platforms into spreadsheets are not practical. These types of efforts are not only cumbersome, but they also only deliver point-in-time data that is usually incomplete, driving the Mean Time To Remediation (MTTR) to 60–150 days.

A Remediation Plan That Lacks Context

Organizations that have thousands of assets often do not have full situational context or even how to go about addressing the issue when a vulnerability is announced or security finding arises. This creates a wider window for exploitation and an often incomplete remediation lifecycle plan.

Beyond CVEs

Vulnerability management is only part of the security findings that need to be addressed. Addressing threats must include full content across all security findings including infrastructure, code, cloud and application security tools.

Armis Centrix™ for VIPR Pro – Prioritization and Remediation
Armis Centrix™ for VIPR Pro - Unify chart

Gain Full Situational Awareness and Context on Every Asset and Every Security Finding

The Armis Asset Intelligence Engine adds risk scores based on business criticality, and threat intelligence feeds. This provides a comprehensive view with full context for all organizational assets, their vulnerabilities and other security issues.

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Continuous Updates with Asset Intelligence

When using Armis Centrix™, you benefit from the Armis AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine that tracks profiles for billions of assets around the world. It is continuously updated with the latest information about asset behaviors, vulnerabilities and potential security issues. Gain the context you need about the assets you have.

Prioritize Remediation Order

Benefit from a 360 view to focus on what matters most to your business.

The Context You Need to Prioritize Remediation Efforts

Data enrichment empowers organizations to cut through the noise and concentrate efforts on most critical vulnerabilities and security findings by combining issue severity, exploitability, asset risk and business criticality. Additionally, users can benefit from ready-to-use workflow templates that are recommended based on your security ecosystem and curated by Armis security experts.

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Predictive Assignments

Use context to identify who is most likely responsible for the asset, and how to fix it.

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AI-driven Remediation

To facilitate resolution tasks, Armis generates predictive ownership rules through AI to assign fix responsibilities and enables ongoing communication for distributed teams through bidirectional integration with their preferred workflow or ticketing system. Development and IT personnel can now remediate or manage their findings without having to always involve the security team.

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2023 Gartner Market Guide for Vulnerability Assessment

According to Gartner “Vulnerability Assessment solutions identify, categorize and prioritize vulnerabilities as well as orchestrate their remediation or mitigation.” Read the report to see the Gartner report’s recommendations for Security and Risk Management leaders and why Gartner recognizes Armis as a Vulnerability Assessment leader.

Video: Armis Asset Intelligence Engine Overview

The Armis collective AI-powered Asset Intelligence Engine monitors billions of assets world-wide in order to identify cyber risk patterns and behaviors. It powers Armis Centrix™ with unique, actionable cyber intelligence to detect and address real-time threats across the entire attack surface.

Solution Brief: Full Asset Inventory and CMDB Enrichment

Armis Centrix™ helps improve an organization’s security posture by providing complete asset visibility across all asset types, enriching the existing CMDB tool with complete contextual information, and ensuring that the data provided is accurate and up-to-date.