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Solution Brief

Armis Centrix™ Revolutionizing Security Remediation

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Modern organizations are grappling with a barrage of security alerts, thus creating a significant management gap between finding and prioritizing security findings and scaling the prioritization and remediation process to secure the attack surface. This gap poses a critical risk as it prolongs the time between identifying security incidents and implementing necessary fixes. As a result, businesses face longer periods of vulnerability to potential threats, exacerbated by inefficient processes and inconsistent risk prioritization practices.

Silk Security is a strategic addition to our mission of providing comprehensive security solutions including advanced cloud security capabilities. Silk Security capabilities seamlessly integrate into Armis Centrix™, addressing the historical gap in cybersecurity between security findings and actionable remediation.

Product Functionality and Benefits

The enhanced capabilities empowers enterprises to adopt a strategic and sustainable approach to resolving code, infrastructure, and application risks. Armis takes a data-centric, AI-driven approach to enable security stakeholders to better identify risks, communicate priorities, assign owners, and collaborate with developers and operations stakeholders to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of the resolution management process.

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