Armis Wins 2024 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Global Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Armis Centrix™ for OT/ IoT Security

A powerful cybersecurity solution specifically designed to see, protect, manage and optimize all OT, IoT and ICS assets, systems, and processes in your environment.

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Mapping Your Entire Attack Surface Should Be a Strategic Priority to Maintain Operational Resilience

Is the Convergence of Your IT/OT Environments Compromising Security and Efficiency?

Lack of visibility over your OT attack surface is a critical issue. Securing both managed and unmanaged devices without disruption and protecting your assets and their processes are challenges posed by complex OT environments.

Lack of Discovery and Limited Visibility Into All Assets

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Complex OT networks need a holistic approach to asset discovery, including continuous traffic inspection and smart active queries.

Discover and locate up to 5x more assets than traditional tools find- managed and unmanaged- and create real time, complete inventories without manual intervention by IT teams.

Out of Control IT/OT Convergence With No Vulnerability and Risk Discovery

Air gapping is no longer a valid means of securing your environment on its own. It is essential to continuously monitor your entire ecosystem and take an asset first approach.

Armis delivers 10x deeper contextual asset awareness, streamlines workflows and speeds up remediation efforts. With easy access to granular industrial control systems (ICS) and OT device details you can prioritize and take action on risk-related insights and their connections.

Attack Surface Expansion Resulting In Severe Ransomware Attacks and Data Breaches

Reputation, Trust and ROI are all impacted by the growing attacks on critical infrastructure. Implementing Armis for OT instantly helps to improve your cyber and operational resilience.

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Deep OT Asset Visibility

Deep asset visibility with Armis Centrix™ goes beyond basic asset discovery. It involves collecting extensive and accurate information about each asset, including its characteristics, configurations, behavior, relationships, and vulnerabilities. This level of visibility is essential for maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture and operational efficiency within complex OT environments.

OT/ IoT Environment Hygiene

Today, many security teams go directly to the CMDB when needing asset information. And that’s great. But do you trust that information? Do you know it’s up-to-date and complete? With Armis Centrix™ you can make sure your CMDB is complete, accurate and that it includes all additional information you want to add to it.

With non-intrusive active and holistic discovery, Armis Centrix™ exposes legacy software that current tooling is unable to detect and identifies the risks associated with it. Now, you can manage technical debt with custom visualizations and inventory identification. Identifying CVEs and compliance red flags has never been simpler.

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Bridge the IT/ OT Gap

Converged environments create a larger and more complex attack surface where vulnerabilities in one domain can impact the other. Armis Centrix™ enables organizations to implement best practices that can help to address some of the issues facing converged environments. These include segmenting networks to limit lateral movement of threats between IT and OT systems, and employing access controls to ensure authorized communication. In addition to other holistic discovery methods, Armis Centrix™ also uses continuous monitoring to detect anomalous activities/ behaviors and potential breaches in real time. With this approach Armis Centrix™ sees a 99% improved response to breaches and incident control.

Protect OT Networks, Monitor Connectivity, and Track Behavior

Protecting OT networks with manageable segments is a great place to start. With Armis Centrix™ you can monitor connectivity and track asset behavior – capture and visualize the communication patterns and behavior of every asset and provide a real-time network baseline. Protecting your network also means identifying any abnormal or risky activity with network baseline rules that can be used to flag and manage the malicious behavior.

With Armis Centrix™ for OT/ IoT Security you can define segments for IT-OT areas of your organization and ensure you’re communicating across segments. Your security teams can also use Armis Centrix™ to create policies and queries that highlight boundary violations, then automate your segmentation processes with intelligent recommendations.

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Asset Intelligence Engine tracking over three billion devices⁠ — and growing

Process Integrity to Maximize Production

Incorporating Armis Centrix™ into your organization’s cybersecurity strategy delivers more than just protection—it enhances the overall operational efficiency and production agility. By securing the convergence of IT and OT systems, security resources can be allocated more effectively. The streamlined communication and data sharing enabled by IT/OT convergence result in smoother operations and quicker decision-making. This agility leads to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and ultimately, a positive impact on the return on investment (ROI).

What does this look like? Monitor and audit changes of ICS assets, track and report on errors produced by ICS assets or misconfigured ICS assets and enable functional PLC usage for insights and reporting.

Armis Enables Holistic and Comprehensive Visibility and Control Across the Manufacturing Environment

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Colgate-Palmolive Successfully Addresses Security in its OT Network

Colgate-Palmolive has a dedicated security team in place to oversee its IT infrastructure in hundreds of locations. In keeping with its adherence to best practices and using best available technologies, the company implemented Armis to provide the OT security team with broader visibility, insights into gaps, and the ability to fine-tune policy in alignment with current threats and risks. Colgate-Palmolive now works in close collaboration with the vendor to continually drive new, out-of-the-box use cases for Armis at its manufacturing facilities.


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