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Armis Centrix™ Smart Active Querying

Safe, proactive asset discovery for IT, OT, IoT and IoMT devices.

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Armis Does Active Querying the Smart Way

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In today’s world, complete asset discovery is more important than ever before. Achieving the best possible continuous visibility of your devices is foundational to the protection and management of your organization. Armis Centrix™ achieves deep visibility into every device in your network holistically; whether it is IT, OT, IoT or IoMT.

With Smart Active Queries Armis is empowering customers to proactively dive even deeper into their networks, enriching the retrieved data with the unparalleled knowledge of the Armis Asset Intelligence Engine.

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Organizations Trust Armis to Deliver Smart Active Querying in Their Mission-critical Environments

How Does Armis Do Smart Active Querying Better?

Traditional network monitoring may not capture essential asset data that resides on devices. Armis Smart Active Querying retrieves additional detailed asset information that compliments passive traffic inspection in a revolutionary, safe way.

The Armis Asset Intelligence Engine has billions of assets profiled with more being added every day, and Armis is the only organization that has this vast database to draw from. This, combined with Smart Active Querying, enhances identification and data enrichment.

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The Benefits of Embracing Smart Active Querying

Complete Contextual Awareness

Armis provides a holistic view across the entire environment, conducting queries during low network utilization using the same stable methodology as a Human machine interfaces (HMI) querying a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC.) This ensures timely and granular situational awareness beyond traditional network traffic analysis.

Tackle Device Dormancy

Up to 50% of OT devices do not communicate on the network, leading to potential blind spots. Smart Active Querying ensures complete visibility, allowing direct information gathering from devices, even when dormant, to proactively mitigate attacks.

Incident Response

The active querying of relevant devices in response to suspicious events provides contextual details, resulting in more meaningful alerts and accelerated incident response with drill-down capabilities.

Proactive Risk Management

Relying on network-only approaches may delay security or vulnerability awareness. Smart Active Querying of servers and controllers for OS versions, firmware, and patch levels ensures up-to-date security and vulnerability management, preventing delays associated with incomplete device information.

Validation of Specific OT/IoT Device Integrity

The periodic capture of device snapshots and comparison to baselines through active querying validates controller integrity, identifying and preventing unauthorized changes.

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