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Operationalized Resilience With Armis Managed Threat Services

Accelerate your path to continuous, business-oriented cyber resilience. Maintain high-efficacy capabilities as your landscape and risks evolve through ongoing contextual platform optimizations, advanced custom threat hunts, and with consultative support and guidance from our team around what matters most to you and your business. Stay ahead, stay protected.

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IT/OT Convergence Has Created Our Most Material Attack Surface

Addressing Cybersecurity Operations Challenges

Navigating the complexities of today’s cybersecurity landscape presents organizations with challenges that can inadvertently hinder business objectives. From the pitfalls of misaligned security measures to lurking threats in IT, IoT, and OT, and the immense pressures on SOCs, understanding these challenges is crucial.

Security Operations Hindering Business Goals

In the pursuit of robust cybersecurity, organizations often implement stringent measures. However, without a clear alignment between these measures and overarching business objectives, there’s a risk of stifling innovation and growth. Misaligned security protocols can inadvertently create bottlenecks, delay projects, and divert resources from core business activities.

Undetected Threats in IT, IoT, and OT

The expanding digital landscape, encompassing IT, IoT, and OT, brings with it a myriad of hidden threats. Traditional security measures often fall short in detecting these nuanced risks, leaving organizations vulnerable. Without proactive threat hunting, these undetected threats can escalate, compromising both data integrity and operational efficiency.

Overwhelmed Security Operations Centers

Modern SOCs are inundated with a deluge of alerts and notifications. Sifting through this massive volume to identify genuine threats becomes a daunting task. The challenge is exacerbated when false positives divert attention from real issues. Without refined alerting mechanisms and contextual insights, SOCs can miss critical threats, leading to potential breaches and system compromises.

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Cyber Resilience Foundations

Achieving holistic cyber resilience is paramount in an era where cyber threats are evolving rapidly. Armis Managed Threat Services offers a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. We go beyond traditional threat detection by integrating business-aligned asset intelligence, ensuring that your security operations are not only robust but also tailored to your unique business needs. With our expertise in threat hunting and security operations/ SOC enablement, we provide a holistic solution that fortifies your organization’s defenses, adapts to emerging challenges, and ensures that your business remains resilient in the face of cyber adversities.

OT Operationalization for Enhanced Cyber Resilience

Harnessing the power of Armis Managed Threat Services, we seamlessly integrate and fortify your OT systems, ensuring they stand resilient against evolving cyber threats while aligning with your broader security objectives.

With the increasing convergence of IT and OT environments, ensuring the cyber resilience of operational technology (OT) has become paramount. Armis Managed Threat Services offers a tailored approach to OT operationalization, ensuring that your OT systems are not only secure but also aligned with your broader cybersecurity strategy. By integrating OT-specific threat intelligence, monitoring, and response capabilities, we help organizations enhance their cyber resilience across both IT and OT domains.

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Comprehensive Security Assessment and Optimization

Elevate your security posture with a thorough assessment, uncovering top risks, vulnerabilities, active threats, and recommendations to optimize and mature defenses.

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Dive deep into your organization’s security posture with a comprehensive security assessment. We meticulously evaluate vulnerabilities, risk areas, active threats and compliance exposures, offering tailored strategies to fortify your defenses and optimize security operations.

Continuous Policy Tuning

Adapt and evolve with dynamic policy tuning, maintaining robust defenses against evolving threats.

As technology and threat landscapes evolve, static security policies become rapidly outdated, leaving organizations exposed to today’s latest threats. Ensuring policies remain current and tailored to an organization’s unique environment and threats is a significant challenge. Armis Managed Threat Services offers a dynamic approach to policy tuning, aligning security measures with the current threat landscape and specific organizational needs, both in terms of bolstering defenses and optimizing security operations.

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Overcoming Vulnerability Management Barriers

Master the intricacies of modern hybrid environments with a specialized approach to vulnerability management.

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Modern hybrid environments that rely not only on critical IT and OT/ IoT/ IoMT networks and assets introduce unique operational complexities. Legacy processes often fall short, and with patching being minimally applicable, new challenges in mitigation prioritization and planning are common. The blurred lines of ownership and responsibilities in these environments can further limit progress. Armis Managed Vulnerability Service addresses these challenges, providing a structured and consultative approach to operationalizing vulnerability management to the nuances of today’s hybrid environments. This includes regular analysis and ongoing recommendations on mitigation priorities and approaches to minimize risk, noise and to optimize availability as the threat and operating environments.

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