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Data Sources

Telemetry Intelligence

Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform, gathers, correlates, and analyzes vast amounts of telemetry data to achieve new levels of insight and drive better decision-making.

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Network Analyses

Armis Centrix™ provides a wealth of information about the usage and health of your physical network, connected devices, and associated network services. These key performance metrics let you:

  • Optimize your network infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot various types of network problems
  • Assist in traffic engineering as the network scales

Unlike traditional network management systems, Armis Centrix™ is able to provide information down to the granular level of an individual user, device, access point and radio, letting you visualize errors and data traffic conditions on a configurable time basis such as the last ten minutes or the last 30 days. And even better, all of the information Armis Centrix™ provides can be correlated to locations and endpoint types.

Deep Packet Inspection

Providing network data in the form of log files often doesn’t cut it. Our optional Armis appliance sits out of band to monitor traffic without impacting network performance. It does deep-packet inspection, providing information about the type of traffic flowing through the network, including anomalies and identification of both encrypted and unencrypted traffic. Our holistic discovery approach including, continuous traffic inspection, smart active querying and integrations means of collecting your data means the visibility you achieve is not a snapshot in time, it is continuous, happens in real-time and doesn’t disrupt your operations.

Asset Intelligence Engine tracking over three billion devices⁠ — and growing

Armis Asset Intelligence Engine

We monitor billions of assets world-wide in order to identify cyber risk patterns and behaviors, to further enrich telemetry data in Armis Centrix™.

Armis Centrix Platform Diagram

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