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Armis Centrix™ for OT/ IoT Security

Deep OT Visibility

Create complete asset visibility with insights to reduce risk exposure and empower intelligent actions.

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Securing Your Critical Infrastructure Starts With Total Asset Visibility

OT Environment Visibility Challenges

Lack of visibility over your OT attack surface is a critical issue. Seeing both managed and unmanaged devices without disruption is a critical challenge in OT/IOT environments.

Blind Spots

Collecting extensive and accurate information about each OT asset, its characteristics, configurations, behavior, relationships, and vulnerabilities is important. However, this level of visibility is impossible to achieve with traditional cybersecurity scanning in OT environments.

Inaccurate Inventory

If your asset inventory is not updated in real time, you might be dealing with outdated, unreliable information.

Disruption to Sensitive OT Devices

Achieving visibility into sensitive critical infrastructure requires a holistic approach. OT visibility requires continuous traffic inspection and the option of safe active querying- for those assets that don’t communicate across the network. Our data gathering combined with the deep contextual analysis provided by the Armis Asset Intelligence engine creates unbeatable discovery in sensitive environments.

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Complete OT Asset Inventory With Deep Contextual Data

Armis Centrix™ provides complete asset visibility across all asset types in your OT Environment, whether managed or unmanaged.

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Full Visibility Across OT and IT Networks and Assets Including Low Level Nested and Field Devices

Creating complete visibility with insights to reduce risk exposure and empower intelligent actions to mitigate risk is absolutely essential in OT environments.

For Armis Centrix™, deep understanding involves full representation of the Purdue Model, with each level communicating a distinct operational sphere, ensuring isolation between critical processes and external threats. By deploying security mechanisms at different layers, you can achieve comprehensive protection against cyberattacks. The model’s holistic approach fosters resilient infrastructure and safeguards essential services from potential disruptions.

With this contextual knowledge your organization can develop better insight into risks associated with collected attributes. Armis Centrix™ combination of agentless, passive and active means of collecting your data means the visibility you achieve is not a snapshot in time, it is continuous, happens in real-time and doesn’t disrupt your operations.

Gain Visibility Into All Plc Changes, Planned or Not

Get real time notifications into PLC changes, in particular those occurring outside of scheduled maintenance.

Total Control With Visibility and Alerting Into PLC Changes

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are at the heart of many critical processes and are responsible for automating tasks in sectors ranging from manufacturing to energy distribution. The ability to closely monitor changes made to these controllers is essential to thwart potential vulnerabilities and ensure operational continuity.

With this contextual knowledge, your organization can develop better insight into risks associated with collected attributes. Armis Centrix™ employs a unique combination of agentless traffic inspection and active querying with the AI power of our Asset Intelligence Engine. This means of collecting your data delivers continuous, real-time, non-disruptive discovery.

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Takeda Gains 100% Visibility Into Manufacturing Environment

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Multinational Bio-Pharmaceutical Company Minimizes Supply Continuity Risks at Manufacturing Plants

Takeda Pharmaceuticals focuses on research and production of potentially life-changing treatments for specific medical conditions. By providing comprehensive visibility into laboratory and production equipment in its manufacturing plants, Armis has vastly improved the company’s cyber resiliency and increased confidence in its ability to maintain supply continuity.

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