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Armis Centrix™ for OT/ IoT Security

Lifecycle Management

Improve security, streamline lifecycle management, and control your technical debt with Armis for OT Security.

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Lifecycle Management in your OT/IoT Environments

The Challenges Associated with
Lifecycle Management in OT Environments

Identifying and quantifying the assets on the network with End of Support (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) hardware and operating systems can be challenging in OT Environments.

Legacy Systems Create Risk and Vulnerability Gaps

Many industrial facilities rely on aging equipment and legacy systems that are difficult to monitor, update, and secure. When it comes to updating operational technology systems and making hardware upgrades or performing maintenance, it can be hard to find a window where these critical assets can be serviced.

Visibility Gaps Leave Bind Spots

Traditional IT solutions often struggle to provide complete visibility into OT environments, leaving blind spots that can compromise security and performance. When it comes to lifecycle management, deep awareness of your estate is foundational to addressing process integrity.

OT Environments Face the Complexity of Scale in addition to Heterogeneity

OT environments often consist of a diverse mix of technologies from different vendors, each with its own lifecycle and support considerations. Managing a large number of diverse operational assets across distributed environments poses significant logistical and security challenges.

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Lifecycle Management Features

Maintain process integrity in your OT network with continuous lifecycle management


Process integrity through Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management is essential for maintaining the reliability and security of ICS assets over their operational lifespan. This involves systematically tracking assets’ lifecycle stages, including deployment, behavior, and maintenance. Effective lifecycle management ensures assets remain up to date, compliant with regulations, and aligned with evolving business needs, preventing the use of outdated or unsupported assets that could compromise infrastructure security.

Incorporating these practices into your organization’s OT asset management strategy improves operational resilience, reduces risks, and promotes a proactive approach to infrastructure maintenance. By closely monitoring changes, tracking errors, utilizing asset functionality, and implementing robust life cycle management, organizations can navigate modern industrial environments while prioritizing security, efficiency, and long-term sustainability.

Asset Intelligence Engine tracking over three billion devices⁠ — and growing

Close the Visibility Gap

Gain full situational awareness of your entire OT estate to improve your lifecycle management process


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Unparalleled Visibility in OT Networks

Armis addresses the challenge of incomplete visibility in converged OT environments by providing comprehensive asset discovery and monitoring capabilities. Unlike traditional IT solutions, Armis offers deep visibility into IT & OT devices, including IoT devices and industrial control systems, enabling organizations to identify and monitor all assets across their operational infrastructure. This holistic visibility allows for the detection of blind spots that could compromise security and performance. In terms of lifecycle management, Armis’ deep awareness of the estate forms the foundation for addressing necessary processes. By continuously monitoring the entire lifecycle of all assets, Armis ensures organizations can proactively manage their assets, identify threats, and implement necessary lifecycle management processes to maintain security and compliance standards.

Armis Enables Better Lifecycle Management and Comprehensive Visibility and Control Across the Manufacturing Environment

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Colgate-Palmolive Successfully Addresses Security in its OT Network

Colgate-Palmolive has a dedicated security team in place to oversee its IT infrastructure in hundreds of locations. In keeping with its adherence to best practices and using best available technologies, the company implemented Armis to provide the OT security team with broader visibility, insights into gaps, and the ability to fine-tune policy in alignment with current threats and risks. Colgate-Palmolive now works in close collaboration with the vendor to continually drive new, out-of-the-box use cases for Armis at its manufacturing facilities.


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