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Attack Surface Visibility

Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform, provides organizations with the ability to discover all physical and virtual assets – from the ground to the cloud – ensuring the entire attack surface is both defended and managed in real time.

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See Every Device and Connection

All organizations struggle to have an accurate asset inventory database. See 100% of managed, unmanaged, IoT, industrial and medical devices, applications, cloud and virtual instances. Only Armis Centrix™ protects all verticals and industries including Manufacturing, Health and Medical, Information Technology, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Transportation, Telecommunications and Media, Public Sector and many more.

Unified Asset Inventory

Armis Centrix™ seamlessly integrates with your existing IT and security tools, aggregating, deduplicating, and normalizing data for every asset in your environment.

We offer the best agentless monitoring, and are non-intrusive. This is critical as many devices simply can’t take a traditional security agent and scanning can disrupt or crash sensitive environments.

Finally, you’ll have a single source of truth, with a complete, accurate, and real-time asset inventory that streamlines your operations.

Asset Intelligence, Context and Behavior

Our AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine adds contextual intelligence to every asset, allowing your IT and Security teams to prioritize remediation efforts based on threats, risks and criticality. With Armis, you’ll have the insights to make informed decisions and take action where it matters most.

Detect Vulnerabilities, Risks and Threats

Armis Centrix™ cloud-based threat detection engine uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect when a device is operating outside of its normal “known good” baseline.

Our network detection and analysis capabilities allow security teams to make informed, data-driven prioritization security response decisions based on data Armis Centrix ™ collects from the network.

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Unparalleled Asset Insights

Armis Centrix™ builds its intelligence through a combination of data sources.

Integrations: What Assets Do I Have?

Cut through the noise by correlating data from across your IT, network, and security infrastructure, giving you improved visibility and actionable insights. Armis Centrix™ seamlessly integrates with hundreds of existing IT and security solutions to quickly discover and prioritize all exposures (risks, CVEs, misconfiguration) without disrupting current operations or workflows.

Our API-based integrations deliver value in a matter of minutes. There are no additional software agents or executables that need to be deployed on endpoints. Armis provides you with a ready-to-use instance and reduces the time spent on installation and configuration as well as the issues that often get in the way of software deployments.

Telemetry: What Assets Am I Missing?

With Armis Centrix™ network traffic analysis and deep packet inspection, IT and security teams can visualize network communications and display asset risks.

Armis Collectors can optionally be deployed to consume Switched Port Analyzer/Test Access Point (SPAN/TAP) traffic from switches and wireless LAN controllers. Armis Collectors process network traffic and telemetry data from different integrations in real time, extracting details about all devices connected to the network.

Armis Centrix™ is able to collect information via it’s holistic discovery methods including traffic inspection and Smart Active Queries, without disrupting any devices. No raw data or payloads (PII/HPI) is sent to the Armis SaaS.

Asset Intelligence Engine: What Can I Learn From Others?

Core to the Armis Centrix™ is our AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine. It is a giant, crowd-sourced, cloud-based asset behavior knowledgebase—the largest in the world, tracking billion assets—and growing. Each profile includes unique device information such as how often each asset communicates with other devices, over what protocols, how much data is typically transmitted, whether the asset is usually stationary, what software runs on each asset, etc. And we record and keep a history on everything each asset does.

These asset insights enable Armis Centrix™ to classify assets and detect threats with a high degree of accuracy. Armis compares real-time asset state and behavior to “known-good” baselines for similar assets we have seen in other environments. When an asset operates outside of its baseline, Armis issues an alert or can automatically disconnect or quarantine an asset. Our Asset Intelligence Engine tracks all managed, unmanaged, and IoT assets Armis Centrix™ has seen across all our customers.

Global Financial Services Organization Meets Its Goal of 100% Visibility as Part of Its Security Maturity Strategy

Multiple Armis Integrations Correlate Device Data to Help Surface and Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Armis was deployed as part of the organization's security maturity initiative and provided the organization with 100% visibility to all assets.

Armis integrates with the extensive set of solutions in the organization’s security architecture amplified and correlated device data to help guide vulnerability management by identifying and prioritizing the most critical vulnerabilities to be remediated to reduce their attack surface.

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