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Securing the Auto Manufacturing Process

Automobiles must be built to exacting tolerances. Even one minor deviation can undermine the quality and safety of the vehicle. How are you securing your auto manufacturing process?

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Improving Cyber and Operational Resilience in OT/IoT Manufacturing Environments

Achieving Process Integrity In Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing industry relies heavily on operational technology (OT) to achieve efficiency and minimize downtime, all while adhering to rigorous engineering and safety standards. Striking this delicate balance becomes even more challenging when introducing the ever-present threat of cyberattacks. Armis Centrix™ delivers comprehensive visibility, security and control across the manufacturing process, ensuring a smooth ride for the auto manufacturer as well as automobile owners.

Deep Contextual Awareness In Converged Environments

Automotive OT environments can contain a mix of IT, OT and IoT assets. Keeping up-to-date on exactly what is in the environment can be challenging.

Armis Centrix™ provides an automated real-time asset inventory of exactly what is in your network. It identifies dependencies and applications on devices that affect the business criticality of assets and classifies assets owned vs maintained by 3rd party partners and vendors. Knowing exactly what is in your environment is the first step to securing and gaining control over the environment.

Efficiently Addressing Vulnerabilities

New vulnerabilities are announced everyday. However, due to their always-online needs, OT environments are a challenge to take offline to patch identified vulnerabilities uncovered in the asset inventory process.

Armis Centrix™ offers risk based vulnerability management that enables security teams to quickly identify and remediate the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited and negatively impact the business. What’s best is that the Armis solution seamlessly integrates with existing vulnerability assessment solutions and provide a single pane of glass for organizational assets, their vulnerabilities, and their business impact.

Achieving Process Integrity

To secure the environment against attacks, it is essential to identify suspicious behaviors. Armis Centrix™ utilizes multiple detection engines including:

  • Device mapping and traffic visualization
  • Anomaly detection
  • Signature-based detection
  • Integrations with common network enforcement systems and SOC tools deliver automated workflows

Armis Centrix™ Platform Diagram

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The IT/OT Convergence Strategy Playbook

Converged auto manufacturing environments are creating a larger and more complex attack surface where a security incident in one area can laterally move to another. Learn what this convergence means to your environment.

Comprehensive Coverage for MITRE ATT&CK® for ICS

MITRE ATT&CK for ICS provides a framework for security managers to assess and improve their security controls for industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments. Armis Centrix™ helps you align with MITRE ATT&CK for ICS and  is the fastest, most efficient way to find and stop cyber attacks in ICS and OT environments.

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Process Integrity to Maximize Production

Incorporating Armis Centrix™ into your organization’s cybersecurity strategy delivers more than just protection—it enhances the overall operational efficiency and production agility. By securing the convergence of IT and OT systems, security resources can be allocated more effectively.

Armis Centrix™ Smart Active Querying for Intelligent IT, OT, IoT, and IoMT Security

Achieving the best possible continuous visibility of your devices is foundational to the protection and management of your organization. Armis Centrix™ leverages new advancements to make active querying not only safe but a crucial element in fortifying an organization’s operations.

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Global Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Secures OT Environment and Protects Operational Continuity

Armis Removes the “Black Box” of Uncertainty About What is on the Network

Armis helped secure, and redesign the OT network to reduce the attack surface and preventing lateral threat movement from potentially hindering productivity.

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