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Solution Brief

Armis Centrix™ for Auto Manufacturing

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Securing the Automotive Manufacturing Process

The automotive manufacturing industry relies heavily on operational technology (OT) to achieve efficiency and minimize downtime, all while adhering to rigorous engineering and safety standards. Striking this delicate balance becomes even more challenging when introducing the ever-present threat of cyberattacks.

Automakers across the world depend on a secure supply chain and manufacturing processes to produce thousands of cars daily. Today’s automobiles are manufactured with more technology than ever before, meeting exacting standards. Even the slightest deviation in the manufacturing process can lead to catastrophic failures and extensive and expensive recalls once the cars hit the road.

The potential for production slowdowns or shutdowns due to unauthorized intrusions or security incidents poses a significant financial risk. In the auto industry, downtime costs rise to about $55,000 per minute, which translates to about $3 million per hour. Nearly 70% of the time, downtime issues can be attributed to people being unaware of their equipment’s maintenance or update requirements. In light of these realities, ensuring security throughout the industrial operations process including but not limited to supply chain, automotive manufacturing, and subsequent consumer use is of paramount importance.

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