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Armis Centrix™ for OT/ IoT Security

OT/ IoT Environment Hygiene

Create an inventory of installed and active applications, agents, and operating systems and their versions.

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Threat Detection and Analysis for Better OT Environment Hygiene

OT Environment Hygiene Challenges

Lacking a complete, continuous and enriched asset inventory makes maintaining good OT environment hygiene challenging.

Inaccurate Inventory

Today, many security teams rely on CMDBs when searching for asset information. But without an asset management platform CMDB information is often incomplete and out of date.

Traditional Active Scanning Methods are Intrusive and Disruptive

OT environments require a sensitive discovery strategy, using continuous traffic inspection in tandem with customisable active querying.

Traditional active scanning provides only a snapshot of hardware information for OT devices, can interrupt operations and lead to unplanned downtime if not implemented properly using the intended mechanism by OT vendors.

Technical Debt and Legacy Software

Technical debt and legacy software pose significant dangers within Operational Technology (OT) environments, which encompass industrial control systems, SCADA systems, and other critical infrastructure.

These dangers can have profound consequences on operational efficiency, security, and overall system stability.

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Gap Analysis

Validate the implementation of your existing Security Controls such as EDR and vulnerability scanners and identify gaps in deployment.

Find Unprotected Assets, Identify CVEs and Take Action

Gap analysis plays a crucial role in cybersecurity by identifying vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and discrepancies within an organization’s security measures. Armis Centrix™ enables you to compare an organization’s current cybersecurity posture to industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and internal security standards.

Gap analysis and threat management identifies whether current security controls are appropriately deployed, functional, and configured correctly (e.g. EDR agents, Active Directory). It also indicates compromise and attacks including unusual communications between OT devices, communications between the IT and OT networks, and communications to and from external networks. Finally, gap analysis and threat management also identifies EOL / EOS operating systems for improved risk and lifecycle planning.

Full Asset Inventory and Context

Get an enriched and complete CMDB that aggregates and deduplicates data from multiple integrations and data sources

Enable Risk Remediation Efforts With a Complete Contextual Asset Inventory

The rise in unmanaged assets has led to a serious increase in security risk and breaches. A real-time overview of your critical infrastructure and identification of gaps is a great way to mitigate these risks.

A complete asset inventory is the cornerstone of effective and secure operations in OT environments. It provides the information needed for risk assessment, security, compliance, incident response, and overall operational resilience. Without an accurate inventory, organizations risk operational disruptions, security breaches, and regulatory non-compliance.

With a complete and reliable asset inventory you can meet the Zero Trust challenge with a single, authoritative source of truth for all organizational assets.

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Colgate Palmolive Improves Operational and Cyber Resilience with Armis

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With Armis, Colgate Palmolive now has easy-to-create security policies that map to the latest threats and risks, a modern, easy-to-navigate user interface, a SaaS solution for easy deployment and maintenance, automatic threat detection and response, and rich data sets available in a single dashboard thanks to integrations with existing tools.


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