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The Armis Partner Experience Program (APEX) builds long-term, strategic relationships with our partners and collaborates to serve our customers in the best way possible.

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APEX Principles

At Armis, we value the relationships we build with our partners. To that end, we created the Armis Partner Experience (APEX) Program. A program that is designed to be flexible and evolve with Armis as we grow, and as our partners grow with us. Our goal is to encourage a sustainable partnership by driving mutual success through trust, stability, and predictability. Armis is committed to earning our partners’ loyalty. We earn that loyalty by leveraging our resources, tools, training, and value from our financial rewards.

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A Complete Partner Experience

Built to support the full customer lifecycle and experience, the APEX Program is a unified program designed to allow the partner to thrive in their area of expertise. The program assists our partners in expanding to supplemental areas that help drive their go-to-market model. In today’s evolving world, partners have transitioned to perform many different roles in this lifecycle. No longer are they just a single partner ‘type’ but may provide multiple parts of an ecosystem. The program is structured to be flexible on how we go to market together.

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Our Four Track Program

Partners have a choice of four tracks: Sell, Service, Build, Manage. The partner may choose just one track or apply themselves across multiple tracks. Partners in each track are tiered into groups based on their investment in training and their success delivering the Armis Platform to customers.

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APEX Managed Service Providers

As an evolution of the APEX program aimed to recruit and activate global managed service providers (MSPs), Armis created a purpose-built partner program for them. This specific program aims to elevate and enrich MSPs with a modern approach to building cyber investigation, detection, threat hunting, and remediation services.

The purpose of this evolution is delivering a differentiated experience to the Armis partners which they can take to their clients with a unified and complete view of the digital attack surface.  It provides an “out of the box” multi-tenant workbench that requires zero engineering effort.  

This empowers MSPs to quickly and easily offer their clients a unified and complete view of the digital attack surface of their organization, enabling end-users with improved cybersecurity postures, helping increase our partner MSPs’ profitability with little to no capital investment, personnel or skill set up-leveling.



IBM is excited to be part of the new Armis Partner Program where we continue to drive value for our clients. IBM and Armis continue to be focused on mitigating risk in the IT/OT/IoT and IoMT space. Armis is equally excited to be part of IBM’s Gold Strategic Alliance Partner Program. Together we can do great things for our clients,

Rob Dyson
Global OT/IoT Security Services Business Leader
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Check Point

Check Point is excited to be a part of the new Armis Apex Partner Program. For Armis to develop this new program, encompassing all of its different go-to-market routes, from VARs to OEMs like Check Point, is an indication of its dedication to the partner community as a primary route to market. As the connected IoT devices explode, Check Point sees Armis as a natural complement to its own technology and we are excited to partner with Armis to see and secure everything.

Devanesan Moses
Global Head of IoT/OT sales
Check Point office


mCloud is excited to be a part of the new Armis Apex Partner Program. Armis’ commitment to this program, coordinating all of its different go-to-market strategies in a cohesive structure, from VARs and SIs to Managed Service Providers like mCloud differentiates Armis as a “channel company” rather than just a company with a channel. The market demand for managed services for optimizing energy intensive assets and ESG compliance with increased cyber-security is growing rapidly, and we see Armis as a natural complement to our technology and business model.

Costantino Lanza
Chief Growth and Revenue Officer
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Lead Data Technologies

The New APEX program shows Armis’ commitments to its partner community and to making it flexible and easy for us to deliver an extremely valuable product to our existing customer base as well as enhancing our sales development efforts.

Ronald Redmond
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Armis has strengthened its partnership with Exabeam with the introduction of the APEX Partner Program. This new program double-downs on their commitment not only to our mutual resellers but to creating an ecosystem of resellers and technology alliances, one program that expands on Armis’ long-standing investment in helping Exabeam secure all of our customers’ assets.

Chris Stewart
Vice President, Business & Corporate Development
exabeam office


Veristor is excited to be a part of the new Armis Apex Partner Program. Veristor has found Armis to be an excellent partner, and we see ever increasing opportunity in the OT, IoMT, IoT agentless device security market.

Brian Yost
Director of Business Development and Security Strategy
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