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Improving Cyber and Operational Resilience in OT/IoT Manufacturing Environments

Traditional cybersecurity is ineffective in industrial environments. This is particularly pertinent in Manufacturing with a complex web of IT, OT, and IoT assets needing interconnectivity to remain functional. Armis Centrix™ delivers the ability to protect, monitor and manage these assets and their users across sprawling environments.

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Protect and Manage Complex IT/OT Manufacturing Environments with Armis Centrix™

Expanding Attack Surface in Manufacturing Environments Compromises Operational Resilience

Lack of visibility over your entire attack surface in manufacturing environments is a critical issue. Securing both managed and unmanaged devices without disruption and protecting your assets and their processes are challenges posed by complex, digitized manufacturing environments.

Limited Visibility Into all Assets Leads to Security Gaps

Complex Manufacturing OT/IoT networks need a holistic approach to asset discovery, including continuous traffic monitoring and smart active queries. Current asset knowledge is inaccurate and this means there are critical gaps in manufacturing inventories.

This leaves it impossible for IT leaders to mitigate or prioritize remediations because they quite simply don’t know what they have.

Out of Control IT/OT Convergence and Legacy Infrastructure

Converged environments in Manufacturing organizations are creating a larger and more complex attack surface where vulnerabilities in one domain can impact the other.

Without the ability to segment networks efficiently and monitor behavior manufacturers are unable to employ cybersecurity best practices.

Attack Surface Expansion Causes Severe Threat of Production Downtime

Production downtime, particularly in manufacturing industries, can have a domino effect. It can lead to missed production deadlines, delayed deliveries, and contractual breaches, resulting in financial penalties and damage to customer relationships. Moreover, the downtime can compromise the safety of workers, especially when it comes to critical infrastructure like power plants or chemical facilities.

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Complete IT and OT Device Visibility in Industrial Environments

Manufacturers employ operational technology (OT) for automating production processes. Although this has been great for digitization and innovation, the conventional approaches for identifying and overseeing assets are inadequate in OT systems. In the case of IT and security teams, employing agent-based or scanning-based tools for perpetual asset discovery poses potential disruptions to these devices. In addition to traffic analysis, Armis uses smart active queries to communicate with networks in there own language, so you can take a proactive yet safe approach to asset discovery. Armis Centrix™ consolidates all IT and OT assets, affording insight into assets lacking appropriate security controls.

Protect Critical Data with Proactive OT/IoT Environment Hygiene

Use industry best practices and take a proactive stance against data loss. See all the known – and unknown – relationships between your devices and segments, including connections to unmanaged assets, rogue networks, and unauthorized communication channels. Set a baseline of expected behavior and get alerted on deviations. With a full representation of every level of your Purdue model, you can plan and validate your network segmentation strategy.

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Prioritize Risks and Accelerate Incident Response Remediation

For manufacturers data breach incidents can be extremely costly. With a huge number of risks in this industry, prioritization of the highest impact and most likely to be exploited vulnerabilities is a must. It is critical to identify compromised devices that are connected to the network to prevent spreading or exploitation. Armis Centrix™ calculates a risk score based on multiple factors, including risks like unpatched software versions or known hardware exploits, anomalies like port scans, and long-tail vulnerabilities like Log4j.

In the event that your environment is attacked, you need to respond with speed and efficiency. We know that complete, real-time asset inventories with Armis Centrix™ directly link to accelerated incident response investigations. With rich contextual information gathered by the Armis AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine you can manage your incident response effectively and build new policies and baselines to better protect your environment moving forward.

Adhere to Manufacturing Compliance Standards

With comprehensive visibility into asset security, Armis Centrix™ evaluates compliance with security policies, regulations, and guidelines such as the CIS controls. Unlike visibility tools that simply tell you a device’s IP and MAC addresses, Armis Centrix™ gives you in-depth information about each device. This visibility is important for compliance and reporting cases, such as ensuring that each device is on the most appropriate network segment. It is also useful for asset management situations, such as when trying to determine if your company has any “banned” devices from manufacturers, like Hikvision, Huawei, Dahua, or ZTE—and if so, where.

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Colgate-Palmolive Successfully Addresses Security in its OT Network

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Colgate-Palmolive Improve their Cybersecurity Posture with Armis Centrix™

With Armis, Colgate-Palmolive now has easy-to-create security policies that map to the latest threats and risks, a modern, easy-to-navigate user interface, a SaaS solution for easy deployment and maintenance, automatic threat detection and response, and rich data sets available in a single dashboard thanks to integrations with existing tools.


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