Securing IT & OT in Industrial Environments


The security needs of industrial environments are changing as industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) are connected to enterprise networks, exposing them to cyberattackers and Internet-borne malware. What is the best way to secure and monitor Industry 4.0 environments?

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  • Real-world examples of OT cyberattacks
  • Technical challenges of OT security
  • How Armis helps protect IT, OT, and ICS devices

    IT and OT cybersecurity for Industry 4.0

    The IT/OT integration has dissolved the air gapped network that has previously protected industrial technology from enterprise IT systems. In addition, manufacturers are now building OT devices and control systems based on Windows, Linux, Android, and VxWorks, making them susceptible to the same attacks as their IT counterparts.

    To navigate the challenges of Industry 4.0, manufacturers need an IT/OT convergence security solution that shields connected devices spread across their entire network. With the right tools, you can protect unmanaged devices from cyberattacks despite their unique security challenges. 

    Industrial OT security simplified with Armis

    As a unified asset intelligence and security platform, Armis works in IT and OT environments and provides comprehensive controls for all devices. 

    The Armis platform includes: 

    • Asset management: The comprehensive approach includes network devices (wired and wireless) as well as off-network assets that communicate using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other peer-to-peer Internet of Things (IoT) protocols — a capability no other security solution offers without new hardware sensors.
    • Threat detection and incident response: Receive automatic alerts and triggers when an asset operates outside its known-good profile.

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