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Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security

Visibility and Security Across the Entire Medical Fleet

Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security gives healthcare delivery organizations visibility and security across their entire ecosystem, from the complex medical devices that deliver patient care to the smart systems and infrastructure in their buildings. Real-time asset inventories, vulnerability prioritization, and integrations enable you to keep your environment protected now and into the future.

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Explore How Armis Supports Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP)

Visibility Challenges in the Healthcare Environment

Device visibility challenges in healthcare requires overcoming the complexities of diverse interconnected systems, IT assets, medical devices, and data flows.

Balancing Security and Patient Care

Robust security practices, such as regular software updates and patches, might require temporary device downtime, potentially impacting critical medical procedures. Healthcare practitioners must navigate the tension between implementing security measures to protect patient data and maintaining the availability of essential medical devices to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Diverse Device Landscape

The healthcare environment is characterized by a diverse range of interconnected devices, often developed by different manufacturers with varying security protocols. This diversity complicates efforts to achieve comprehensive visibility and security, as each device may require distinct monitoring and protection strategies.

Legacy Technologies

Clinical engineering within healthcare institutions often deals with legacy medical equipment that lacks contemporary cybersecurity features that address today’s threats. Securing a converged network that contains a multitude of life critical devices and activities while ensuring their continued functionality presents a significant challenge.

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Comprehensive Situational Awareness With Armis

Asset visibility is crucial to security teams and clinical engineers because it provides a comprehensive understanding of the medical device ecosystem’s composition and behavior.

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Visibility for Clinical Engineers and Security Teams

Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security enables security teams to see and track devices via an automated inventory, reconstruct events, understand attack vectors, and assess the impact of unaddressed vulnerabilities on medical devices and patient care. Simultaneously monitor usage, behavior, and compliance of every asset in the ecosystem and across your security stack.

See, Protect and Manage Your Entire Healthcare Campus

Securing the healthcare environment involves more than just specialized medical devices. It includes everything from MRIs to the HVAC.

Security Across the Medical and Clinical Environment

Cybersecurity across the medical and clinical environment is a multifaceted effort aimed at safeguarding patient data, medical devices, and interconnected systems from cyber threats. Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security enables security teams to see every asset in their environment, regardless of device type, and empowers them to secure those devices with up-to-date information and real-time monitoring that doesn’t disrupt the devices they are protecting.

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Case Study: 20/20 Visibility, Security and Control Across the Health System

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Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and Armis

After deploying Armis, they were able to expand their visibility into devices connecting to the network, monitor device utilization across the organization, and view unencrypted and encrypted traffic to detect and prevent patient data exfiltration.

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

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