Armis Wins 2024 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Global Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Armis Centrix™ for Asset Management and Security

Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform, is powered by the Armis AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine, which sees, secures, protects and manages billions of assets around the world in real time. Armis Centrix™ seamlessly connects with existing data sources to see, secure, protect, and manage all physical and virtual assets – from the ground to the cloud – ensuring the entire attack surface is both defended and managed in real time.

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See, Protect and Manage Your Entire Attack Surface

Drowning in Fragmented Security Data?

A fragmented view of security makes it difficult to answer basic questions about outdated devices, missing endpoint security agents, or legacy systems.

Siloed Asset Management

The average security organization has 76 security tools to manage. Each of these tools generates independent data points, leading to a fragmented view of security.

No Time for Manual and Complicated Reports or Audits

There are hundreds of security controls, as defined by common security frameworks by organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS). However, identifying gaps in security controls can be difficult, and reporting is made almost impossible.

Constant Change

The attack surface is constantly changing as assets are added or removed and as OS, apps, configurations and connections evolve. In a rapidly evolving, perimeter-less world, organizations must continuously see, secure, protect and manage all critical assets.

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Full Asset Inventory and CMDB Enrichment

Your CMDB is the heart of asset information, and Armis Centrix™ ensures it is accurate and complete. We keep your CMDB up to date and provide the additional information you need for a comprehensive view of your assets. With Armis Centrix™, your CMDB becomes a trusted resource that powers your security operations.

Attack Surface Management and Security Posture

Quickly uncover and eliminate gaps, optimize your IT network security and define policies to enforce security controls on your devices and ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards.

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IT and Security Hygiene and Gap Analysis

Don’t let outdated systems put you at risk. Armis Centrix™ provides a clear understanding of what’s in your network, including physical and virtual assets and your software assets. It identifies old operating systems that are no longer supported and ensures that agent versions are up-to-date. With Armis Centrix™, you can monitor all of these in minutes, reducing your risk and avoiding the unnecessary cost that legacy systems entail.

No more guessing games. Armis Centrix™ helps validate the implementation of your existing security controls (EDR, vulnerability scanners, etc.) and identify gaps in deployment. It finds all assets that are not protected and helps remediate the issues quickly. Stay informed in real-time, track progress effortlessly, and take actions to enhance your security posture.

Internal and External Compliance Reporting

Identifying gaps in security controls can be difficult, and reporting across a myriad of tools is made almost impossible. Whether it’s NIST, CIS Controls, GDPR, NIS2, or other regulations, you can use Armis Centrix™ to ensure your security standards are met, avoid human errors in data collections, and pass your audits with flying colors.

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Network Segmentation and Enforcement

Armis Centrix™ uses its contextual knowledge to automatically generate network segmentation policies based on the needs of each device. These policies ensure that devices have access to the resources they need and reduce their exposure to threats.

Threat Detection and Response

Armis Centrix™ detects signature-based attacks, Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) using behavioral patterns analysis and abnormal assets’ activity behavior. These detection capabilities are critical to identify compromised devices that are connected to the network to prevent spreading.

Armis Centrix™ also collects and investigates threat forensic data before, during and after an incident to allow your security teams to make informed, data-driven prioritization security response decisions.

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Asset Inventory: Single Source of Truth

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital Explores Vast Potential of Armis Solutions

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital logo small

“We are looking at Armis as a new way to gain insights into our network. It only takes a little bit of effort on our part to get an enormous amount of information. Prior to Armis, the amount of work it would take to collect that data would be beyond our capabilities.”

Brian Schultz
Director of Network Operations and Security
Burke Rehab Hospital

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