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Armis empowers higher education IT leaders and administrators to achieve cyber resilience using Asset Exposure Management. Armis Centrix™ is FedRAMP Authorized and allows colleges, universities, and research institutions of all sizes to protect scattered assets and reduce technical debt. The agentless platform also provides quick time-to-value for strapped IT teams with hundreds of integrations with your existing technology vendors.

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2023 Gartner Market Guide for Vulnerability Assessment

The Higher Education Challenge

Education technology leaders nationwide are working overtime to manage the explosive growth of connected campus assets.


Large numbers of new student-centric assets connecting to university networks every day represent an expanding attack surface with amorphous perimeters. Ensuring those devices are visible, safe, and compliant is a growing challenge.

Data Protection in the Cloud

The explosion of assets on and off campus have left institutions unable to see their entire infrastructure, let alone defend it. Continued migration to the cloud, the move to BYOD, and issues like Log4j have exposed the hidden threat of outdated assets, both physical and in the cloud,  in educational institutions.

Regulatory Compliance

Medical universities and teaching hospitals need a holistic view that bridges the gap in securing new smart healthcare systems and legacy platforms for medical devices. This is particularly true in order to meet regulatory compliance guidelines when benefiting from federal funding and grant programs.

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Asset Management and Security

Utilizing a whole-of-state approach with an agentless, cost-effective platform gives education institutions of all sizes shared insights, leading to reduced tech debt and more efficient services for their students, staff, and researchers.

OT/IoT on Campus

IoT technologies have changed how we teach and consume information, and many college and university IT environments are no longer separate from their OT environments. Reducing visibility gaps prevents compromised assets from acting as launching-off points for hackers to infiltrate portions of the network that house sensitive student, facility, and research data.

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Medical Device Security

Whether your university focuses on health sciences research, education, patient care – or all the above – the need to see, protect, and manage medical and research devices along with laboratory, patient, and financial data is essential.

Contract Vehicles

Armis is proud to participate in several contract vehicles that simplify and streamline the procurement process for higher education institutions.

The Quilt
MSA – 05012019F
April 01, 2016- May 02, 2025

COG – 2127A
May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2026

Armis and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have partnered to deliver actionable, continuous cyber intelligence for higher educational institutions via GovCloud.

New York College Gains Visibility Into All Connected Devices

Armis provides Russell Sage College with Actionable Insights to Help Tighten up Security, Stay Compliant, and Check the Boxes for Cybersecurity Insurance

Eager to improve asset visibility and reduce security risk from inside the network, the IT department deployed Armis. The Armis Centrix™ platform increased IT’s asset inventory 15-fold, enabling the team to find previously unseen assets, apply necessary updates, retire old equipment, and fine-tune policy.

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