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Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security

FDA Recall and Security Advisories Management

Keep your medical inventory up to date, secure, and operational at full capacity.

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The Fundamentals of Medical Device Cybersecurity

Oversight and Compliance Challenges

Keeping your inventory up-to-date with the latest advisories, recalls, and policies is a complex and time consuming process.

Recall Complexity

Managing recalls for medical devices involves identifying affected devices across various departments, tracking their locations, and ensuring their removal from service to prevent potential harm to patients—all while maintaining minimal disruption to critical care workflows.

Maintaining Operational Readiness

Security threats, recalls, and vulnerabilities can happen at any time – and so can patient demands on a healthcare system. It is essential for health organizations are able to mitigate unacceptable risk, while also delivering life saving care without downtime or degradation.

Update Coordination

Coordinating updates across a multitude of medical devices, often from different manufacturers and with varying compatibility requirements, necessitates meticulous planning to minimize downtime, ensure proper installation, and verify that the updates do not introduce new issues that could impact patient care.

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Compliance Across Your Entire Inventory

Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security gives the medical community the asset visibility, security and control needed to deliver life saving care to their patients.

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Medical Device Inventory Management

Medical device recall and security advisories can be a complex process to remediate. Clinical engineers spend hours identifying and responding to incoming recall and security advisories manually identifying, reconciling, and remediating these alerts. Armis Centrix™ streamlines this process and automates recall advisories, generates weekly reports to track progress, and cuts down the manual efforts of your clinical engineers, saving them hours of labor.

Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

Security advisories are often very specific and can target any number of medical devices critical to the healthcare environment depending on the discovered vulnerability. Devices may be targeted by model, OS or OS version, application or more, creating a huge inventory issue for your team to sift through.

Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security is able to quickly identify affected devices when security advisories are released, enabling your security team to prioritize vulnerabilities before they are exploited. It can then help track remediation, implement mitigation measures, and monitor for future exploits.

Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security, empowers your team to immediately connect threat information with the devices you actually own, giving your response a high-speed advantage.

University Health Network Relies on Armis to See Their Entire Inventory

University Health Network, the largest teaching hospital in Canada, relies on Armis to track every device across their entire healthcare network. Armis enabled them to see value quickly, discover devices they didn’t know existed, and track and remediate recalls from oversight and governing boards. Armis also works alongside their existing integrations and dashboards to provide data that is immediately actionable.

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