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Armis Centrix™ Medical Device Security | Clinical Engineering

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See, Protect, and Manage Your Entire Medical Device Fleet

Clinical Engineers are responsible for ensuring an always-on, essential service of a hospital environment remains uninterrupted and functioning in the most efficient way possible. This requires maintaining and managing a vast ecosystem of medical devices, tracking their usage, and preventively scheduling any maintenance to avoid disrupting essential patient care, or worse causing harm to patients due to faulty or recalled devices. In an environment where healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are fielding more cyber attacks than most other industries, any fault or flaw can have an enormous impact on the organization and individual patients alike.

Medical and clinical devices are extremely sensitive, not only due to their specialized nature but also their proximity to patient care. Securing and managing those devices within healthcare environments is essential to ensure the continuity of patient care. Being able to effectively secure these devices maintains all-important uptime, prevents any untimely outages during patient care, and helps cybersecurity teams know these devices are secure and cannot create organizational problems.

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