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Empowering the Energy and Utilities Industry to Protect and Manage Critical Infrastructure

Armis Centrix™ is the most comprehensive cybersecurity platform that sees, protects and manages converged IT/OT and SCADA infrastructure. Manage your attack surface with a complete asset inventory, threat detection, and vulnerability prioritization and remediation. Prevent disruption to critical infrastructure and prevent attacks with Armis Centrix™.

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When it comes to critical infrastructure, take a proactive security approach with Armis Centrix™

Electrical and Grid Operations Are Consistently Amongst the Top 5 Most Attacked Industries

Attacks targeting grid operators have increased 77% in the last 18 months. Conventional IT asset management is insufficient for converged IT, OT and IoT grid operations. Armis Centrix™ offers a comprehensive perspective across all assets, by seeing, protecting and managing the converged power infrastructure.

Uptime and Resiliency for Electrical and Grid Operations

Smart Grid operations, the adoption of renewal and intermittent energy resources and the interconnected operations between providers, makes 100% uptime and reliability more of a challenge than ever before.

Ensuring the reliability and resilience of these services is a top priority for governments and utility providers.

Increased Targeting of Electrical and Grid Operations

Rapid innovation seen in the Energy and Utilities industry has meant a parallel explosion in the attack surface of their OT environments, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

During periods of conflict, energy providers are susceptible to highly disruptive state-sponsored attacks, as well as targeted ransomware and malware infections that can compromise service availability.

Evolving Regulatory Compliance Standards

New operating paradigms and interconnectivity between providers have required grid operators to abide by revised regulatory requirements and security standards such as NERC CIP, ISO, IEC, NIST & SGIP.

Organizations in this industry are faced with heavy fines and penalties for not meeting government defined standards.

Armis Centrix™ Platform Diagram

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Identify and Close Security Gaps in your Attack Surface

Identifying security and compliance gaps starts with total visibility. With Armis Centrix™, Energy and Utilities providers gain a complete and real-time asset inventory. Using deep knowledge and insight, asset data is deduplicated, correlated and normalized, empowering utility organizations to effectively secure operations, capacity plan and identify & remediate vulnerabilities efficiently and without disruption to the business.

Armis Centrix™ identifies devices and users lacking essential security controls, verifies the presence of necessary security agents on all devices, and uncovers workstations, servers, cloud instances, and other devices that are being missed.

Maintain Operational Uptime with Multi-protection Armis Centrix™ Technology

Electrical and grid operators can secure their critical infrastructure with policy, anomaly/behavioral and AI/ML capabilities. Armis Centrix™ enables utility firms to tailor rules and implement automated controls in reaction to unusual activity. These controls are defined by risk assessments and prioritize maintaining uptime with non disruptive processes.

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Empowering Energy and Utility Providers to Meet Regulatory Requirements and Align With Security Frameworks

Grid providers must align with evolving regulatory compliance standards and security frameworks to ensure the reliability of energy distribution systems. This includes North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) standards.

Energy Think Tank Showcases Armis to Utility Companies as a Key Component of a More Secure Grid

Heightened Awareness of Cyberattacks Helps Electricity Providers Coordinate their Defenses Across IT and OT Networks

On the heels of recent attacks on energy systems, this U.S.-based think tank is channeling its innovative research and thought leadership into providing utilities with viable solutions for strengthening their cybersecurity infrastructure. The think tank’s cybersecurity lab is running simulations and other projects to demonstrate the power of Armis to increase visibility to both the OT and IT attack surface. The think tank foresees a future where utilities will adopt an approach to security that encompasses zero trust, an integrated technology stack, and single-pane-of glass visibility.

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