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Empowering the Energy and Utilities Industry to Protect and Manage Critical Infrastructure

Armis is the most comprehensive cybersecurity platform to see, protect and manage Energy and Utility organizations globally. Armis Centrix™ enables you to manage your attack surface with data consolidation, and vulnerability prioritization and remediation. Prevent disruption to critical public services and prevent attacks with Armis Centrix™.

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Armis Centrix™ helps Energy and Utilities organizations take a proactive approach to their cybersecurity efforts

Energy and Utility Organizations Pay the Cost of Rapid Digitalization and Innovation

Conventional IT asset management is insufficient for heavily regulated energy companies responsible for safeguarding both OT and IT assets. The rise in OT investment in this industry is paralleled by an increase in cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure operators. Armis Centrix™ offers a holistic perspective on all assets, assessing their security and management status.

Uptime of Critical Public Services

Uptime in public services like utilities is vital because it directly impacts public safety, economic stability, healthcare, communication, quality of life, environmental sustainability, and national security. As an example, interruptions in water supply can affect sanitation and hygiene for millions of people.

Ensuring the reliability and resilience of these services is a top priority for governments and utility providers.

Escalating Threat of Industrial Cybersecurity Incidents

Rapid innovation seen in the Energy and Utilities industry has meant a parallel explosion in the attack surface of their OT environments, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

During periods of conflict, energy providers are susceptible to highly disruptive state-sponsored attacks, as well as targeted ransomware and malware infections that can compromise service availability.

Increasing Regulatory Pressure

Energy and Utilities organizations are subject to stringent regulations for good reason, as attacks against them tend to be intricate and advanced. Given their extensive interaction with the public, regulatory measures are essential to guarantee safety.

Organizations in this industry are faced with heavy fines and penalties for not meeting government defined standards.

Armis Centrix™ Platform Diagram

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Identify and Close Security Gaps in your Attack Surface

Identifying gaps starts with total visibility. With Armis Centrix™, Energy and Utilities organizations achieve a complete and real-time inventory of all assets to secure the OT environments on which their critical assets and operations rely. Armis performs asset data deduplication, correlation and normalization, enabling utility organizations to effectively oversee the implementation and efficiency of their security measures.

Armis Centrix™ identifies devices and users lacking essential security controls, verifies the presence of necessary security agents on all devices, and uncovers workstations, servers, cloud instances, and other devices that are being missed.

Maintain Operational Uptime with Behavior Monitoring and Actionable Controls

With Armis Centrix™, Utility companies can secure critical infrastructure with policies, queries, and boundaries that monitor behavior. Armis Centrix™ empowers utility companies to automate actionable controls in response to anomalous behaviors. These controls are defined by risk assessments and prioritize maintaining uptime with non disruptive processes.

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Empowering Energy and Utility Providers to Meet Requirements from Regulatory Standards

The provision of fundamental services, such as ensuring the safety of drinking water, hinges on the uninterrupted operation of utility companies. With this in mind, Armis Centrix™ allows this heavily regulated industry to maintain compliance, stay operationally safe and avoid fines.

Armis Centrix™ includes a broad range of security functions that help you comply with five of the NERC-CIP utility cybersecurity standards.In addition the platform ensures you adhere to grid reliability standards set by organizations such as the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). These standards ensure the reliability and security of the energy grid.

Utilities companies also collect and handle sensitive customer data, so they must comply with data privacy regulations to protect customer information. This includes regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). And of course, Utilities companies must also comply with reporting requirements and maintain records of their operations and activities. This helps to ensure transparency and accountability to government regulators and the public.

Water Utility Gains Passive Visibility Into OT Assets Without Affecting Sensitive Devices

Enhanced Visibility into OT Network Helps Secure and Protect Drinking Water for Millions of People

This major U.S. water utility needed a nonintrusive way of seeing devices in its sensitive OT network while ensuring service continuity. The Organization needed to tackle a complex and sprawling ecosystem of sites and reservoirs and achieve total asset visibility and context.

Water utility treatment plant

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