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Energy Think Tank Showcases Armis to Utility Companies as a Key Component of a More Secure Grid

Heightened Awareness of Cyberattacks Helps Electricity Providers Coordinate their Defenses Across IT and OT Networks

On the heels of recent attacks on energy systems, this U.S.-based think tank is channeling its innovative research and thought leadership into providing utilities with viable solutions for strengthening their cybersecurity infrastructure. The think tank’s cybersecurity lab is running simulations and other projects to demonstrate the power of Armis to increase visibility to both the OT and IT attack surface. The think tank foresees a future where utilities will adopt an approach to security that encompasses zero trust, an integrated technology stack, and single-pane-of glass visibility.

This not-for-profit vendor-neutral think tank focuses on all aspects of the energy ecosystem to lower costs, improve efficiency, and drive environmentally sustainable solutions. It has been in operation for over 60 years and has a presence in a dozen countries. The think tank is funded by its more than 1,000 members, who represent primarily electricity utilities that generate and deliver 90% of the electricity in the U.S., along with government agencies, corporations, and other organizations in more than 40 countries. The think tank provides thought leadership and research on everything from improved utilization and delivery of electrical and nuclear energy to environmental sustainability issues.

The think tank currently has three state-of-the-art labs that perform testing, experiments, and technology application research. One of the labs houses a cybersecurity facility that helps utility companies test, simulate, and analyze power grid cyber attack scenarios, such as DDoS and man-in-the middle (MiTM), and come up with mitigation solutions.

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  • challenges iconIdentify device activity associated with unsanctioned insider behavior
  • challenges iconGet a view into potentially risky interactions between IT and OT networks
  • challenges iconHelp utility companies fortify their defenses against cyber attacks
  • result iconBetter visibility into connections crossing the boundaries of OT and IT
  • result iconComparison of unusual activity against a “known good” baseline
  • result iconSimplified asset inventory
  • result iconInsights into suspicious behavior by insiders
  • result iconAlerts that trigger investigation and remediation.
  • result iconIntegrations that enrich insights
  • result iconSingle-pane-of-glass console to ease management and reporting