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City of Las Vegas Gets a Handle on Sensor Sprawl in its OT Environment

City of Las Vegas - Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Since deploying Armis, noncompliant devices are reduced by 80%

With a vast IT and OT environment, the city of Las Vegas uses Armis as a core component of its cybersecurity strategy to gain a better understanding of its many IoT assets and their potential vulnerabilities. The Armis platform’s Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) capabilities have resolved the security concerns the city previously had about its white-labeled devices, BYOD, and unused assets sitting on the network.

Best known for its entertainment, sporting, and convention facilities, the City of Las Vegas serves 650,000 fulltime residents and millions of tourists year-round with everything from parks and recreation and public safety to general city operations. The city employs 3,500 dedicated professionals whose job it is to ensure that everyone who visits or lives in Las Vegas receives the best possible experience.

Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer for more than three years, is an experienced strategist, technologist, and innovation leader. Formerly the Director of IT for the City of Las Vegas, Sherwood has broadened his role and oversight. He is not only responsible for keeping the city’s assets secure, but for envisioning and executing the city’s use of technology today and into the future.

What initially prompted the city to consider Armis was a desire for more information on the many operational technology (OT) devices in its Internet of Things (IoT) network, such as safety sensors for traffic intersections. Since the city’s devices are constantly being changed out, Sherwood had increasing concerns about potential vulnerabilities in new assets being brought into the environment and whether the existing assets were patched properly.

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  • challenges iconConstant turnover of sensors coming in and out of environment on a regular basis
  • challenges iconConcern about security flaws in white-labeled devices
  • challenges icon“Sensor sprawl” as devices age and get replaced but not removed
  • challenges iconPrioritizing vulnerabilities
  • result iconVulnerabilities detected, prioritized, and remediated
  • result iconEnhanced security posture
  • result iconNoncompliant devices reduced by 80%
  • result iconIncreased operational efficiency for security team
  • result iconArmis data leveraged for other applications and integrations
  • result iconImproved key performance indicators (KPIs) and business processes