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Armis Centrix™ for Asset Management and Security

Network Security Segmentation and Enforcement

Augment your existing Network Access Control (NAC) deployments to enforce network segmentation based on policy.

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Attack Surface Management Organization Trends and Challenges

The NAC Gap

Without proper segmentation, a single compromised device can be used to impact the overall network. The most common approach for performing network segmentation today is via Network Access Control. Unfortunately, NAC systems can be complex to deploy and have poor visibility to all the devices on the network.

Poor Visibility Into Unmanaged Assets

Network visibility is crucial for IT and security teams to maintain a secure and efficient network infrastructure. This is especially true when it comes to unmanaged or IoT assets as there are likely not systems in place that can fully identify, classify, profile, and inventory those assets.

Networks Not Properly Segmented

Implementing effective network segmentation requires a thorough understanding of the network infrastructure, its components, and its communication patterns. The inability to effectively manage these complex networks can lead to misconfigurations, incomplete segmentation or security violations.

Unable to Fully Understand Device Context and Potential Security Impact

IT and Security teams need tools that can display network traffic information, full asset context and risk to the business to make segmentation implementation easier.

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Enhanced Visibility

Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform, helps organizations gain a complete picture of all of the devices that are communicating on the network, enabling them to make more informed decisions about security policies for all devices including medical, IoT, IT and OT systems.

The NAC gap

Continuous Risk Reduction

By identifying and categorizing devices, organizations can limit the communication of different device types and manufacturers, ensuring they can communicate only with the parts of the infrastructure needed to carry out their tasks. As new devices appear on the network from trusted or untrusted sources, devices can be identified and assigned to either the correct network segment or quarantined. This reduces the risk of ransomware attacks and ensures the security of devices and critical systems.

Enrich Native Network Access Tools/ Systems

The task of creating ACLs and rules for network enforcement can be a long and arduous task and those systems may not have all the information required for an enforcement operation.

Quickly Respond To Threats

As devices are discovered, Armis Centrix™ is able to generate and export network Access Control Lists (ACL) to continually enforce those policies and dynamically apply network segmentation policies. The continuous monitoring of device behaviors enables the platform to quickly respond and quarantine devices in the event it detects indicators of compromise.

IT and Security teams can greatly benefit from having recommended rules or more complete information available to automatically enrich the creation and pushing of those rules.

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Leading Australian University Expands Device Awareness and Increases Asset Security

Specialized Devices in Multiple Departments Present a Visibility Challenge for Cybersecurity Teams

This leading public university in Australia that specializes in technology needed visibility into its vast network of assets to strengthen its security posture and reduce the risk of cyber incidents. Armis gave the university unprecedented visibility into network assets that far surpassed expectations, secured the network, and enhanced faculty communication.

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