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Empowering Your Organization to Protect Customer Data and Remain Compliant

Armis Centrix™ provides retailers with complete asset visibility, gap analysis and behavior monitoring.

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From the Warehouse to the Checkout, Armis Centrix™ is Empowering the Retail Industry with Complete Lifecycle Cybersecurity

Protecting Customer Data While Ensuring a Positive Buyer Experience is Critical to Organizations in the Retail Industry

Retailers and wholesalers are rapidly shifting to digital commerce, putting pressure on IT and security teams to protect payment and customer data. Digitalization is driving a greater dependency on IoT devices to streamline supply chains and inventory management.

Customer data loss has a financial and reputational cost

The sensitivity of the data held by retail businesses, encompassing personal information, payment details, and purchasing history, is a critical concern due to the severe repercussions it carries, including identity theft, financial fraud, and erosion of customer trust.

Beyond financial ramifications, data breaches can inflict significant reputation damage on retailers, as negative publicity and public perception can deter customers and lead to enduring financial repercussions.

Non-compliance in the retail industry can have substantial financial repercussions

The retail industry’s adherence to stringent data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) underscores the legal and regulatory implications of safeguarding customer data, as non-compliance can result in substantial penalties and fines.

Ransomware attacks cause interruptions in the supply chain that have a huge knock on effect

These attacks, often characterized by malicious actors encrypting critical data and demanding ransom payments for its release, result in immediate interruptions across the supply chain ecosystem.

When a company falls victim to ransomware, operations such as inventory management, order processing, and distribution are halted or severely impeded. This disruption affects an entire network of suppliers, partners, and customers.

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Retail Environments Require Complete Attack Surface Management to Monitor their Expanding Digital Worlds

The attack surface in the retail industry is constantly changing as assets are added or removed and as OS, apps, configurations and connections evolve over time.

Armis Centrix™, the AI driven cyber exposure management platform, overcomes the issues of siloed solutions in your retail environment and enables teams to quickly identify and remediate gaps – either manually or via automated workflows. With the right tools to deliver visibility in all cloud and on-prem environments, across all platforms, and for all assets and devices, you can see the whole attack surface in your retail network that needs to be protected and begin securing it.

Stay on Top of your Compliance and Adhere to Industry Standards

In the retail industry, the automatic evaluation of compliance with security policies and regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), is an indispensable process. This systematic approach leverages advanced technology and software solutions to continuously monitor and assess a retailer’s adherence to these critical security standards. By doing so, it not only ensures the protection of sensitive customer data but also streamlines the often complex and evolving compliance requirements that retailers must meet.

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Prevent Supply Chain Interruptions

Any downtime in your automated supply chain and inventory management can have costly effects. The Armis Platform secures the connected devices that keep these systems moving. Perform ongoing risk scoring and device behavior tracking, use smart active queries to tailor your discovery, get real-time risk assessments, pinpoint and mitigate risky devices and activities that could indicate threats or attacks.

Financial Services Organization Gets A Reality Check On Its Assets

True, Comprehensive Asset Management from a Trusted Vendor Dedicated to Resolving Customer Issues

This rapidly growing global financial services organization is headquartered in the U.S and has approximately 15 offices worldwide. Many of the approximately 500 remote employees frequently travel all over the world for meetings with partners and other stakeholders. The organization also uses numerous cloud services and applications. In a highly regulated industry like financial services, maintaining strict security controls to protect privacy and valuable data are always top of mind.

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