Armis Acquires Silk Security

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Armis Centrix™ for Retail

Take charge of your critical infrastructure and OT/IoT assets in retail environments. Build effective and comprehensive security strategies that promote operational resilience while earning customer trust.

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From the Warehouse to the Checkout, Armis Centrix™ is Empowering the Retail Industry at Every Stage

Traditional cybersecurity is ineffective in industrial environments. This is particularly pertinent in Retail with a complex web of IT, OT, and IoT assets needing interconnectivity to remain functional. Armis Centrix™ delivers the ability to protect, monitor and manage these assets and their users across sprawling environments.

Protecting Customer Data and Ensuring a Positive Buyer Experience

Powered by our AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine, Armis sees your entire attack surface holistically. Through integrations with your existing solutions, telemetry data to add deep packet inspection, active querying and asset behaviour and collective intelligence gathered from our extensive multibillion asset database.

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