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Attack Surface Protection

Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform, provides organizations with the ability to protect all physical and virtual assets – from the ground to the cloud – ensuring the entire attack surface is both defended and managed in real time.

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Cyberattacks Continue to Increase

Organizations must take proactive measures to detect threats and stop attacks.

Define Policies and Integrate With Existing Enforcement Tools

Trigger policy-based actions at your network enforcement points to block, quarantine, or disconnect risky or malicious devices automatically. And when Armis Centrix™ finds a device behaving abnormally, it can tell your network firewall to prevent it from communicating with the Internet, effectively shutting down a threat before it can become a full-blown attack.

Prioritize Risks and Vulnerabilities That Matter to Your Business

Armis Centrix™ calculates its risk score based on multiple factors, including risks like unpatched software versions, known hardware exploits and vulnerabilities.

This risk score helps your security team take proactive steps to reduce your attack surface and helps you comply with regulatory requirements to identify and prioritize all vulnerabilities.

Enrich SOC, SIEM and SOAR

Reduce incident investigation time by having asset and security information in a single location. Armis Centrix™ seamlessly integrates with security solutions like SIEM to quickly deliver the contextual intelligence needed for improving your security posture without disrupting current operations or workflows.

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Protect and Manage the Attack Surface in Real-Time

Free up time spent on repetitive tasks so you can focus on the critical work of keeping your organization secure.

Automate Security Policies for Any Device

With Armis Centrix™ policy wizard, you can quickly and easily create automated, policy-based actions for virtually any situation. Trigger vulnerability scans on new devices, create CMDB entries for new devices, file trouble tickets, so much more.

Aggregate. Correlate. Orchestrate.

Wouldn’t it be great if your security tools all got along? Now they can, with aggregated device information from sources across your IT and security stacks, you’ll get correlated data and critical details that help you identify gaps and risks.

Benefit From Shared Intelligence

The Armis Asset Intelligence Engine is a collective AI-driven knowledge base, monitoring billions of assets world-wide in order to identify cyber risk patterns and behaviors. It feeds Armis Centrix™ with unique, actionable cyber intelligence to detect and address real-time threats across the entire attack surface.

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Armis Supports Remediation Efforts with Rich, Continually Updated Device Information

Not only does Armis provide extensive and deep visibility into known and unknown assets that connect to the corporate network, it also quickly identifies security gaps and vulnerabilities, which has helped evolve and enhance risk mitigation efforts.

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