Armis Wins 2024 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Global Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Case Study

Rumberger|Kirk Law Firm Gains Unprecedented Visibility into Assets and a Solid Handle on Potential Risk

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Armis supports remediation efforts with rich, continually updated device information

As a regional litigation law firm with clients nationwide, Rumberger|Kirk knows how critical it is to maintain a coordinated and comprehensive approach to security. The firm’s CIO has always believed in taking a preventative stance towards risk, which is what motivated his adoption of the Armis platform over three years ago. Not only does Armis provide extensive and deep visibility into known and unknown assets that connect to the corporate network, it also quickly identifies security gaps and vulnerabilities, which has helped evolve and enhance risk mitigation efforts.

A significant bonus is that by utilizing Armis, the law firm is able to confidently and favorably respond to questionnaires from existing and potential clients inquiring about the firm’s cybersecurity protections and procedures. The impact on revenue from not being able to adequately address the security concerns raised in those questionnaires is no longer an issue for Rumberger|Kirk.

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  • challenges iconGaining visibility into unknown devices on the corporate network
  • challenges iconHaving a single source of truth about connected assets
  • challenges iconPinpointing and addressing vulnerabilities in a timely fashion
  • challenges iconProtecting employees and sensitive client data
  • result iconExponential increase in visibility to network assets and devices
  • result iconUnderstanding and addressing risk with vulnerability management
  • result iconFast and easy access to relevant, highly detailed data on devices when issues arise
  • result iconProtecting the privacy of employees by detecting unapproved cameras on the network
  • result iconMeeting the security requirements of the law firm’s corporate clients