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Empowering the Transport and Logistics Industry to Protect Critical Infrastructure and Manage Legacy Systems

The transportation and logistics industry is undergoing a digital transformation that is resulting in improved sustainability and efficiency, but it is also facing new cybersecurity risks. Armis can help organizations mitigate these risks and gain cyber and operational resilience.

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Armis Centrix™ Provides Deep OT Industry Expertise, Experience and Capabilities to Secure Transportation and Logistics Organizations

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The Transportation and Logistics Industry is at Risk From Legacy Systems Operating in Complex OT Environments

The ever-changing distribution of assets and infrastructure is adding to the complexity of cybersecurity in the transportation and logistics industry.

Inability to manage legacy systems causing lack of cyber resilience

The inability to manage legacy systems represents a complex challenge in the transport industry that goes beyond technology. It affects data management, incident response, compliance, maintenance practices, and the overall safety culture.

Addressing this challenge is paramount to mitigating safety risks, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring the industry’s long-term sustainability. It requires a concerted effort to bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern safety technologies through strategic planning, technology investments.

Increasing regulatory pressure

Transportation and Logistics are subject to stringent regulations for good reason, as attacks against them tend to cause huge disruption to supply chains and travel. Given their extensive interaction with the public, regulatory measures are essential to guarantee safety.

Organizations in this industry are faced with heavy fines and penalties for not meeting government defined standards.

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United Airlines Uses Armis Centrix™ to Decrease OT Cybersecurity Risk

Armis Centrix™ Platform Diagram

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Complete, Real-Time Visibility Across Widely Distributed Assets and Infrastructure

For most transport and logistics companies, their assets and infrastructure are distributed in a constantly changing geo and scattered across the globe. In this way, asset visibility is critical to industrial cybersecurity.

From real-time asset tracking to asset health monitoring, complete asset visibility with Armis Centrix™ can improve supply chain resilience, enable regulatory compliance and reporting, and promote sustainable operations.

For some, operational assets can be located in remote or hazardous environments. In these scenarios, asset visibility with Armis enables remote operations, monitoring and active querying. This capability is invaluable for ensuring the safety of personnel who would otherwise be exposed to risk during on-site inspections or maintenance. It also enables swift responses to emergencies, protecting passengers and assets.

Of course, enhanced asset visibility not only ensures the safety of those working in these environments, but also contributes to the resilience of supply chain operations. By tracking assets along the entire supply chain, organizations can respond proactively to disruptions, minimizing supply chain interruptions and ensuring the timely delivery of goods.

Gap Analysis when Integrating Your IT Tools and Cybersecurity Workflows with OT Environments

Understanding your security gaps with Armis when integrating existing IT tools and cybersecurity workflows with OT environments is critical. It is a strategic move that bolsters operational efficiency, cybersecurity resilience, passenger safety, and data-driven decision-making. By embracing this holistic approach, transportation and logistics organizations can navigate the evolving landscape of transportation technologies and regulations while ensuring the uninterrupted flow of people and goods.

With new innovations in routing and navigation, as well as cloud connectivity that integrates tracking and environmental data across vessels, lines, and control rooms, the benefits of automation are obvious. However, the legacy manual and analog counterparts which the industry still depends on are creating a growing cybersecurity risk. Prioritizing the integration of your existing technology stack with a proactive OT cybersecurity provision should be a priority for the transportation and logistics industry.

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Process Integrity to Ensure Safety-Critical Operations and The Protection of Passengers

Process Integrity in the context of the transportation industry plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the safety of passengers and the reliable operation of safety-critical systems. It encompasses a comprehensive set of practices, protocols, and technologies aimed at safeguarding every facet of transportation, from railways and aviation to maritime and public transit.

For Armis, process integrity is foundational to safety-critical operations and passenger protection in the transportation industry. It includes principles that promote preventive maintenance, cybersecurity resilience and regulatory compliance.

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