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Protect Critical OT Assets with Alignment to IEC 62443

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Operational Technology (OT) plays a key role in critical infrastructure as well as industries such as manufacturing, automotive, transportation, oil & gas, energy & utilities, and more.

OT security is critical in helping organizations prevent cyber-attacks and strengthen their defenses against hackers. It protects critical infrastructure against emerging attack vectors and can greatly improve operational and safety metrics.

However, the growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are creating greater security threats for critical systems. Industrial environments face the greater risk of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks that could damage their equipment, cause downtime, and result in data leaks. To further protect these systems, a series of security standards known as IEC 62443 has been developed to offer deeper authority and guidance on industrial security.

This white paper will outline the IEC 62443 standard and how Armis helps you to implement and deploy these critical standards.

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