Financial Services Organization Gets A Reality Check On Its Assets



  • Getting a handle on asset management across the organization’s entire footprint
  • Making sense of data discrepancies to derive a true picture of the environment
  • Collecting telemetry on remote users and their devices
  • Understanding vulnerabilities and their implications for the organization’s security posture
  • Identifying a vendor ally with whom the organization could work closely to resolve issues


  • Bringing together and reconciling data from multiple sources on a single, centralized platform for greater accuracy
  • A good asset inventory solution offering visibility into assets across users, devices, and networks
  • Providing foundational data that can enable behavior analytics in the future
  • Alerting when new devices connect to the network and protections are not installed, not running optimally, or improperly configured
  • Close, collaborative relationship with a caring vendor, resulting in faster problem-solving and additional product enhancements

True, comprehensive asset management from a trusted vendor dedicated to resolving customer issues.

In business for decades, this global financial services organization found it challenging to manage its growing inventory of digital assets, in part due to lack of visibility to its growing cloud infrastructure and to remote employees who travel frequently on the job. With disparate and often conflicting data from a dozen sources, the organization struggled to gain a better picture of its digital and physical environment. After implementing Armis, the financial services organization was able to get a clear, comprehensive view of its assets, along with insights into vulnerabilities. Best of all, Armis proved to be a trusted, collaborative partner dedicated to solving the organization’s problems and addressing their security concerns.

This rapidly growing global financial services organization is headquartered in the U.S and has approximately 15 offices worldwide. Many of the approximately 500 remote employees frequently travel all over the world for meetings with partners and other stakeholders. The organization also uses numerous cloud services and applications. In a highly regulated industry like financial services, maintaining strict security controls to protect privacy and valuable data are always top of mind.

The Director of Security Engineering works with the CISO on a daily basis to harden and continually improve security. He sees asset management as a critical and essential foundation for effective security. Every day, he reviews multiple data sources from various products that show how their assets are interacting. The problem is, the data revealed a great many discrepancies. There was no definitive, single source of truth about what was on the organization’s network.

“Our biggest challenge was to understand what our reality is—what we have from an asset perspective. How can we consolidate and reconcile all these differences?” says the Director of Security Engineering.