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Armis Centrix™ for OT/IoT Security | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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See, Protect, and Manage the Entire Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is responsible for some of the most sensitive data and essential technology that directly impacts the successful treatment of patients to achieve positive patient outcomes. Every step of the manufacturing process is essential for ensuring medical devices and medications are effective and are manufactured to exacting standards. Any deviation from these standards can put patient care and lives at risk. Securing devices and technology used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment is an all-important charge with no room for error.

Devices in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry are extremely sensitive and require significant change management processes. Due to an influx of recent attacks such as the 2017 ransomware attack on a multinational pharmaceutical company causing worldwide disruptions or the 2020 attacks aiming to access vaccine production, pharmaceutical manufacturers must prioritize the need for better security. These efforts are complicated by the combination of legacy devices, third-party vendors, and new automation tools.

Continue reading to learn why Armis Centrix™ is the industry’s most comprehensive IoMT, IoT, OT, and IT security solution, and how it enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to secure the assets, devices, and technologies that are the foundation of connected care innovation.

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