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Armis Centrix™ for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Protect the health of your organization and the patients you serve by building cyber resilience into your critical infrastructure networks. Gain comprehensive visibility and protect your sensitive data about patients, patents, intellectual property, and research developments.

Protect Vital Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process Standards with Armis Centrix™

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is responsible for some of the most sensitive data and essential technology, but it remains one of the most vulnerable sectors to cyber threats. Armis Centrix™ allows you to see, secure, and manage all connected devices without any disruption to operations.

Ensure Secured Pharma Manufacturing Operations Across the Factory, Lab, and Corporate Office

Powered by our AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine, Armis sees your entire attack surface holistically, even in dispersed manufacturing environments. Armis facilitates a single, real-time view of all assets with telemetry data and deep packet inspection, active querying, integrations with your existing solutions, active discovery, and collective intelligence.

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