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Solution Brief

Armis Centrix™ Smart Active Querying for Intelligent IT, OT, IoT, and IoMT Security

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In today’s world, complete asset discovery is more important than ever before.

Achieving the best possible continuous visibility of your devices is foundational to the protection and management of your organization.

Armis goal is to provide extreme visibility into every device in the network; whether it is IT, OT, IoT or IoMT. One of the root causes for risk or vectors for a security breach is due to a lack of visibility within a siloed digital environment. Armis Centrix™ breaks this practice by utilizing a multi-discipline detection engine which not only discovers each asset in your organization, but also delivers deep context and insights so that you know the condition of your environment at all times. Detection methods include policy based detection, anomaly based detection and asset profiling which is performed with our proprietary asset intelligence database of over 3.5 billion asset profiles.

Getting Active About Device Security

Armis detection techniques include what is traditionally referred to as passive and active querying. While early ICS security technologies discouraged active querying to PLCs or DCSs due to potential system destabilization, Armis Centrix™ leverages new advancements to make active querying not only safe but a crucial element in fortifying an organization’s operations.

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