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Security 101…Part II
Device Lifecycle Management…A Match Made in Heaven?

Armis Healthcare Blog

Where is that device? What is the patch level? When was it serviced? We are paying how much to maintain it? …. are common questions information technology (IT) and healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals have to deal with daily.

Lifecycle management related to medical devices and other operating technology in hospitals requires understanding of clinical workflow and operational impact. In this webinar, Oscar Miranda, Armis HC CTO and Carol Davis-Smith, President, Carol Davis-Smith & Associates, will unpack what it takes to undertake these initiatives at scale.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Difference between IT & Medical device lifecycles
  • End of Life vs End of Service
  • Realities of managing FDA recalls
  • Utilizing MDS2 disclosures appropriately
  • Financial impact of proper lifecycle management

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