Armis Helps Ensure Ongoing Delivery of Critical Therapeutics to Patients



  • Limited visibility into connected assets across an extensive network of manufacturing plants 
  • Difficulty understanding and managing supply continuity risks
  • Prevention of potential outages and downtime at manufacturing facilities
  • Lack of security controls to protect against emerging threats targeting intellectual property and production and lab equipment


  • 100% visibility into connected assets in the manufacturing environment
  • Increased assurance of uptime and supply continuity
  • Consolidated, easy-toaccess asset information in a cloud-based dashboard
  • Continuous real-time monitoring of assets to determine update and configuration status and anomalous network behavior

Multinational bio-pharmaceutical company minimizes supply continuity risks at manufacturing plants.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals focuses on research and production of potentially life-changing treatments for specific medical conditions. The company is dedicated to the timely delivery of medicines to those who need them. By providing comprehensive visibility into laboratory and production equipment in its manufacturing plants, Armis has vastly improved the company’s cyber resiliency and increased confidence in its ability to maintain supply continuity.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, a large global life sciences enterprise spanning over 80+ countries, pursues life-changing treatments for patients across four therapeutic areas, including oncology, gastrointestinal disorders, neuroscience, and rare diseases. The company has 45 manufacturing centers in 20 countries with specialized systems for creating biologics, pill-based medicines, and other treatment types.

Over the years, Takeda has grown rapidly through acquisitions, resulting in a disjointed manufacturing network with a mix of aging and newer equipment. Given the growing prevalence of destructive cyberattacks that target intellectual property and could potentially disrupt ongoing operations within or across plants, Mike Towers, chief security and trust officer at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, was increasingly concerned about the security of plant systems and assets.