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Solution Brief

Armis Network Performance Analytics

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Network Analytics Redefined

As the number and diversity of endpoints coming onto enterprise networks increases,managing the network and troubleshooting network problems become increasinglycomplex. The range of devices includes managed endpoints, such as laptops, as well asunmanaged endpoints, such as cameras, inventory systems, healthcare devices, etc. Andof course, every endpoint requires network services such as an IP address and DNS, andof course network capacity.

Unfortunately, traditional network management tools don’t provide visibility into what each type of endpoint is doing or what problems it might be having. And traditional security tools have a hard time detecting when these different types of endpoints have been compromised in a simple and intuitive user interface console. To help network managers efficiently deal with a wide range of users and endpoints and enhance wireless security and performance, Armis provides a wealth of information about the usage and health of your physical network, connected devices, and associated network services. These key performance metrics let you:

  • Optimize your network infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot various types of network problems
  • Assist in traffic engineering as the network scales

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