Case Study

Fast-Growing Georgia County Finds a Better Way to Discover Devices and Secure the Network

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Armis Becomes an Indispensable Tool for Boosting the County’s Security Posture

The Henry County IT department in the Atlanta area was working overtime to stay on top of security updates and patches for the many assets on their network. With a rapidly growing citizen population, the county knew they needed to invest in their infrastructure to keep up. Armis provided the IT team with an easy way to manage software updates, greatly reducing the burden on their team. Armis’s centralized dashboard has expanded visibility and has provided detailed insights into devices for the team—something that was not possible before. The result? Everyone feels better protected and is less worried about any future security incidents.

About thirty miles south of Atlanta, Henry County is one of the fastest growing counties in the country. From a population of about 40,000 in the 1990s, Henry County has since grown to a population of approximately 250,000. Henry County’s Technology Services Department is focused on ensuring the network infrastructure runs smoothly and functions properly in a safe and secure way for the 1,800 employees and the county’s residents. They provide technology and network services for the county sheriff, the county courts, and the department of transportation, which are all on the same network.

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  • challenges iconSeeing what devices are on the network
  • challenges iconStaying on top of patches and updates
  • challenges iconBoosting overall security posture
  • result iconMakes it easy to see which devices need patches
  • result iconBlocks problematic devices from accessing the network
  • result iconPrevents future security incidents
  • result iconSaves substantial time and effort