A New Era for Armis: Turning the Hunter into the Hunted

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ARMIS+SPLUNK Close the OT Device Visibility and Security Gap

Presented by Ruston Johnson, Global Energy Industry Strategist at Splunk & Keith Walsh, Solutions Architect at Armis

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Armis and Splunk for Industrial and Manufacturing Environments

The security needs of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) environments are changing. These devices are critical to production, manufacturing, power, and utilities, but they have no inherent security, and, increasingly, they are getting connected to enterprise networks. That creates a perfect storm for cyberattacks: OT devices that traditional security products can’t see or protect and vulnerable IT devices that bad actors can use to compromise manufacturing processes.

Armis® is an agentless, passive device security platform that secures all types of managed and unmanaged devices, including those in OT environments. Our Splunk® integration extends OT visibility and security to Splunk for a consolidated view of all devices and risks to help you keep your entire environment protected.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how our integration helps you:

  • Extend your investment value in Splunk to unmanaged operational technology (OT) assets.
  • Analyze device behavior for risks, threats, and attacks.
  • Improve the efficiency of threat detection and incident investigation.

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