Discover Every Asset & Remediate Device Risks Automatically

Ensure All of Your Assets are Visible, Operational & Secure

Even the largest organizations have difficulty finding every asset in their environments. And while a complete asset inventory provides the foundation for an effective security strategy, when a risky device is found, the best outcome is to remediate any risks and return the device to service with an improved security posture. Together, Armis® Agentless Device Security Platform and the Viakoo® Action Platform discover unmanaged and IT devices and remediate their risks automatically to keep devices and your business safe.

Armis + Check Point Diagram

Identify & Classify Devices in Any Environment

Without any agents or active scanning, the Armis platform can see five times more assets than traditional IT and security products. Armis identifies the device type, manufacturer, model, IP and MAC address, OS, reputation, username, software, behavior, connections, risk factors, and more. Viakoo performs application-based discovery by looking at the software applications that use IoT devices as sensors, then following the path from the application to the specific devices. This provides additional information about configuration, usage, performance, and device relationships.

Understand & Automatically Respond to Risks

The Armis platform identifies security gaps and device vulnerabilities, detects threats and anomalous behavior, and automates policy enforcement. Viakoo uses this information to remediate risks on devices automatically, ensuring they are operational, secured, and working as expected. The actions Viakoo takes include: 

  • Triggering firmware updates
  • Forcing password rotations
  • Refreshing certificates, and more
Understand and Respond to Device Risks
Start Seeing Value Right away

Start Seeing Value Right Away

Both the Armis and Viakoo platforms are agentless, install in as little as minutes, and use the IT and security infrastructure you already have with no network changes. And Armis integrates quickly and easily with your other IT security and management products, from your firewall to your NAC to your SIEM, helping you achieve greater value and more automated response.

Learn more about our integration with Viakoo.