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Solution Brief

Armis Enterprise Workflow Automation

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The Challenge

Today’s modern enterprises are struggling to keep up with the unprecedented growth in the number of digital assets, and asset types, that are being adopted to support the business. This explosion of assets is being driven by digital transformation and the need to innovate by introducing new technologies. However, most of these new assets and technologies are unmanaged, or “unmanageable.” In fact, today over 70% of enterprise assets are unmanaged.

This has created a complex security problem and a growing operational headache. The fact that a vast number of assets are unmanaged means that users don’t have the visibility and control they need in order to secure their operations. It creates an extended cyber-attack surface that is difficult to manage and protect. Attempting to resolve this with manual processes is almost a lost battle as new assets are being added on a daily basis, often more rapidly than assets are being decommissioned.

To effectively manage and control this attack surface,
a new approach is needed. One that combines unprecedented visibility into assets, contextual intelligence into the vulnerabilities and threats that put these assets and operations at risk, and automated workflows that can orchestrate the response to detected threats.

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