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Armis + Fortinet

Create a unified visibility, analysis, and enforcement ecosystem for simpler, stronger, and more efficient security controls with Armis and Fortinet.

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Reduce Attack Surfaces with Armis + Fortinet

Armis and Fortinet provide unmatched asset visibility and security for managed and unmanaged devices, whether IT, IoT, IoMT, OT, or ICS. Armis utilizes existing management platforms and passive traffic monitoring to discover and identify every device in any environment—enterprise, medical, industrial, and more. Armis then analyzes device behavior and detects vulnerabilities to identify risks and threats.

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Easily Discover Devices in Distributed Environments

Armis’ integration with Fortinet’s Fortigate appliances allows the collector to ingest network traffic for analysis and comparison to the Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine. Armis can leverage the existing Fortigate infrastructure to gather packet-level information about devices in remote locations and is especially effective in environments with distributed internet connectivity and SD WAN.

Detect and Respond Quickly to Threats and Vulnerabilities

Armis uses continuous device analysis to detect threats and vulnerabilities associated with managed, unmanaged and IoT, IoMT, OT, and ICS devices (i.e., CVEs, unsupported operating systems, etc.). This analysis is based on information from the crowd-sourced Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine and from premium, globally shared threat intelligence feeds.

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Bringing comprehensive visibility and enforcement from IT to OT

Check David Creed, Vice President of Business Development, Global Service Providers at Armis, latest blog about the deepening partnership between Armis and Fortinet to enable our customers continuously and dynamically assess, manage, and reduce the attack surface.